Minimalism in the interior

Minimalism in the interior

A German modernist architect named Ludwig Mies van de Rose is credited with the saying that has become a symbol of modern minimalism: “A little is a lot.”

Minimalism in the interior has gained immense popularity, which is quite natural: after an abundance of baroque forms and details, modern curls and a wave of popularity of the oriental style, the appearance of a laconic trend in the interior was only a matter of time.

What is minimalism?

The interior of the apartment is minimalism if:

  • the minimum amount of furniture is used;
  • interior details of a simple, concise form;
  • an illusion of space expansion is created through the use of translucent structures;
  • in the color design of the apartment, solid colors are used, without patterns.

Minimalism allows you to create the illusion of space even in a small apartment, hide a huge number of necessary little things, and “clear” the space. This style cannot be classified as “cheap”: natural wood, expensive fabrics, woven blinds are used. Interior design in the style of minimalism is best entrusted to a professional, because with all the outward simplicity, it is characterized by accuracy of calculations, thoughtfulness, and practicality.

The «progenitor» of minimalism is considered the Japanese style, characterized by the use of natural materials, furniture in a contrasting color. These rules apply in minimalism today: if the floor and walls are light in color, then the furniture is selected from dark wood.

Living room in the style of minimalism

Minimalism in the interior of the living room involves the use of a limited range of colors: white, beige, brown, yellow, ash and black. The walls are painted or covered with wallpaper of the same tone, without patterns and patterns. It is possible to use relief plaster.

It is better not to use curtains, in the living room it is preferable to use woven blinds or roller blinds (they are also roller blinds) in pastel or contrasting colors, without patterns and patterns. The use of textured fabric is allowed.

Minimalism in the bedroom

The interior of a minimalist bedroom is, first of all, a platform bed with a hidden storage system, for example, for blankets and pillows. In a small room, the bed can take up almost the entire space, leaving small aisles.

Bedroom furniture should be as simple as possible, without patterns. Closets, built-in wardrobes, podium cabinets, etc. are preferred.

Textures are preferably rough, matte. You can lay carpet on the floor, but always in a solid color, beige, gray, white or black. Color accents in the bedroom are possible.

Minimalist kitchen

The interior of the kitchen in the style of minimalism follows the slogan «functionality without embellishment.» The walls of the cabinets are completely smooth, with discreet chrome fittings or without it at all, with handles hidden in the surface of the doors. In fact, all cabinets and drawers form a single surface, the illusion of a smooth wall.

Appliances must be built-in, or hidden in special lockers.

The color scheme of the kitchen is similar to the colors used in the bedroom and living room, with the only difference: bright colors minimalism in the interior of the living roomaccents are welcome. The main thing is that the accent is created in one color and does not suppress the main calm tone. For example, a white kitchen can be complemented by bright red vases and plates.

The interior of the apartment in the style of minimalism is an excellent solution for both small rooms and apartments with large areas. In a small apartment, the minimalist style allows you to use light, translucent, visually increasing space instead of heavy solid partitions. Large areas will allow you to create a system of cabinets and drawers hidden from the eyes of an outside observer.

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