Living room zoning

Living room zoning

We all want our home to be comfortable, and at the same time harmonious and functional. And in small rooms, you want every meter of space to be used rationally. This is the design technique of zoning rooms. By dividing the room into zones, we make it more beautiful, more comfortable and more practical.

Zoning is not just rearranging some pieces of furniture in a room. Everything must be weighed and thought out to the smallest detail if you want the new interior of your room to look great. Most often, the room is divided into 2-4 zones. If there are more of them, then instead of a cozy room, you can get a chaotic pile of all kinds of details.

Modern designers claim that absolutely any room can be combined. The main thing is that when zoning the functions of the parts of the room do not conflict with each other.

The zoning of the living room should meet the tastes and preferences of all family members. For example, if you like to read, then be sure to arrange a corner in the room so that you can sit with a book in your hands. And if there are fans of TV shows in the family, then for them you need to create a place to relax by the TV.

What is the zoning of the living room used for?

Most often, zoning a living room has the following goals:

  • dividing the room into common and private areas, for example, separating the bedroom or children’s area from the rest of the living room;
  • dividing the entire living space into zones for different purposes, for example, separating the recreation area from the kitchen or dining room;
  • creating a more attractive interior in the living room using visual illusions, for example, the apparent reduction in the size of a large room or the visual increase in a small space.

There are several options for zoning the living room using various designs and fixtures:

  • arches;
  • decorative designs;
  • false partitions;
  • podiums;
  • sliding doors;
  • furniture, curtains, wallpaper;
  • carpets, flooring.

Zoning of the living room and bedroom

The functional division of one room into a living room and a bedroom can be done using shelving and cabinets.

Another good option would be to use a podium in the sleeping area. At the same time, part of the room with the bed rises to a slight elevation and is thereby separated from the living room. Such a podium can serve as a closet in which you can put a variety of things.

The sleeping area can be separated with curtains or a canopy. And if transforming furniture is used for zoning a sleeping place in the living room, then during the day this part of the room can serve as a living room, and at night it turns into a bedroom.

Zoning of the living room and dining room

You can also separate the living area from the dining room in several ways. For example, between the upholstered furniture of the living room and the table, you can install a beautiful bar counter. An option for zoning the living room and dining room can be wallpaper of different colors or patterns in these two parts of the room.

Different lighting and different floor coverings in these two zones is also a good zoning option. By the same principle, you can arrange the zoning of the living room and kitchen.

Zoning of the living room and nursery

Light shelving that can be used for children’s toys is best suited for zoning the nursery and living room. Zoning with tulle curtains or wallpaper of different, but matching colors will look great.

Zoning of the living room and office

A good option for zoning a living room and an office can be a variety of partitions-racks made of glass, wood, metal. In addition to the function of dividing a room into parts, such racks can store a lot of necessary items: books, photographs, and even indoor flowers.

Zoning of the corridor and living room

It is best to separate the corridor from the living room with a false partition or arch, which, in addition to dividing the room, will visually increase its height.

As you can see, there are many options for dividing a room into zones. Choose the right one for your room, turn on your imagination and create an updated unique interior of your living room!

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