Living room design in modern style


Living room design in modern style

Modern style harmoniously combines comfort, convenience, homeliness with new generation furniture and technological advances. This is an interior of open spaces, saturated with natural light, various bold color combinations. Also, the modern style is distinguished by the highest functionality — each piece of furniture here has its own strict place and purpose.

The design of the living room in a modern style is particularly comfortable. Everyone in this room will feel at home — comfortable sofas, pleasant color combinations and modern interior details will create a special atmosphere.

Living room in the style of modern classics

In this direction, you have to combine the incongruous into a holistic harmonious design — this way modern leather sofas are combined with a classic ceiling and carpets, or a classic set with the latest video technology and a stretch ceiling with strict straight contours. Skillfully combining such completely different directions, you will get an elegant and luxurious, and at the same time comfortable and functional interior.

Living room furniture in modern style

The central piece of furniture in any living room is, of course, the sofa, it is on it that your guests are located for pleasant leisure. A sofa in a modern style does not tolerate frills — the simplicity of the form, one-color or two-tone upholstery and neutral colors will create a cozy comfortable design.

Particularly popular are corner sofas in a modern style, allowing you to use the space of large and small rooms with maximum benefit.

Increased attention in creating an interior in a modern style is awarded to the walls. In the design, decorated in this direction, this set loses its original meaning, and floor and wall cabinets fit perfectly into the design of the living room, distinguished by simplicity and rigor of forms without frills and incredible functionality.

Curtains for the living room in a modern style

If the main components of the interior are the design and the furniture set, then the final stage of creating the design, placing the necessary accents, can be called accessories and textiles, led, of course, by the curtains that decorate the window. For a modern style, the most win-win option would be straight classic curtains in discreet colors, skillfully matched to the color scheme of the interior, and light tulle. A room with such a window design will always be light and airy.

The zest in the interior will be brought by lambrequins, which draw special attention to the design of the window.

To make the room even lighter and lighter, and thereby visually expand the space, you can also pay attention to the roller blinds for the living room in a modern style. A variety of textile choices will allow you to choose the perfect option that is in harmony with the overall interior.

Kitchen living room in a modern style

One of the most popular design techniques is to combine the living room with the kitchen, and such a room will look the best in a modern design. Comfortable living room furniture combined with a functional and ergonomic kitchen, decorated with the latest technology, will make your home the epitome of modern comfort.

When designing a living room kitchen, it should be remembered that, despite the different functional purposes of the zones, the room is integral, and its color scheme should be very harmonious.


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