Living room design in classic style


Living room design in classic style

The classic style always remains the same — it is luxury, charm and an indicator of the highest taste of the inhabitants of the house. The design of the living room in a classic style will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests thanks to the comfort and sophistication of decoration.

Many people mistakenly believe that the use of the classic style in the design of the living room puts us in a rigid framework for decoration, but this is a huge misconception — modern style variations will allow you to realize all your amazing fantasies in the interior, and this room will be the most heavenly corner of your home.

Living room interiors in classic style

The first association that we have at the mention of the classical style is a white living room with soft exquisite sofas, figured carved furniture and extraordinary design. Such a room, resembling a luxurious palace, will give you a feeling of sublimity and spirituality.

An equally popular classic design option is the living room in brown wood tones, creating a feeling of home comfort, easily harmonizing with luxury and sophistication.

The living room in a modern classic style is a new interpretation of the classics. Exquisite design harmoniously combines with modern comfortable furniture and various innovations of the achievements of civilization.

If your goal is nobility and homeliness, pay attention to the design of the living room in a classic English style. Extraordinarily comfortable furniture made of dark massive wood, as well as finishing in brown tones, will make your living room the embodiment of comfort and coziness.

Living room furniture in classic style

Everyone knows that in creating an interior, not so much decoration as furniture plays a role, it is the set that sets the main direction of style.

An indispensable attribute of the design of a living room in a classic style is a large sofa in bright colors with textile upholstery and a small embossed print. The sofas have smooth, rounded shapes, the main material is high-quality solid wood.

Also, when decorating a classic living room, you can’t do without open wooden display cabinets used to store exquisite dishes and unusual souvenirs.

It is hard to imagine a living room without a coffee table. For a classic interior, you should pay attention to solid wood sets with exquisitely shaped legs. The tabletop can be either wooden or made of durable glass, the main thing is that the table is in harmony with the main details of the interior.

Kitchen-living room in a classic style

If you have combined the kitchen with the living room in order to save or functionalize space, this is not at all a reason to abandon the dream of decorating the hall in a classic style. Having decided on the living room set, pay due attention to the choice of colors and furniture for the kitchen — this part of the room should be as bright and sunny as possible, smooth lines with bright accents prevail in the furniture, the entire set, without exception, should be made of solid wood. As a floor covering for the kitchen area, it is best to use moisture-resistant parquet, or, alternatively, laminate.

The living-dining room in a classic style is often a large bright room with a separate area for eating. For the correct design, you should remember some important rules — the dining table must certainly be round or oval, the legs must be curved or carved, and the chairs must be in perfect harmony with the table. Do not forget that the dining area is part of the same room, so the design of the living room dining room should be harmonious and holistic.


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