Lining for a balcony

Lining for a balcony

Today, thanks to the huge range of finishing materials, there are a great many options for interior design of the balcony. The most popular material for cladding a balcony is lining. With its help, you can beautifully, inexpensively and practically transform the interior of the balcony. Let’s find out which lining is better for finishing the balcony and how to choose it.

Types of lining for a balcony

  1. Plastic lining — high-quality material that does not require painting, easy to install, easy to maintain, practical and affordable. Such plastic panels will serve you for many years without changing their original appearance. The color palette of plastic panels allows you to harmoniously combine the interior of the balcony with the adjacent room. Plastic lining panels can be suture and seamless.
  2. Wooden lining — exactly the material that is the answer to the question: which lining to choose for the balcony. After all, this high-quality, environmentally friendly and aesthetic material will make your balcony elegant and cozy. Such lining is made of pine, alder, linden. Such decoration of the balcony is durable, and its slight darkening from time to time will give the walls a noble charm.
  3. MDF lining — a great alternative to wooden panels for a balcony. This material has excellent sound and heat insulation, a wide color spectrum, and a relatively low price. Such panels do not require regular antifungal treatment, and their service life is more than 25 years. Such panels, just like wooden ones, can be varnished, which will improve their appearance.

As you can see, there are many options for finishing the balcony with clapboard. At the same time, it should be remembered that before sheathing a balcony, it must be glazed, since precipitation, wind and sun can ruin any sheathing of an unglazed balcony.

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