Indian style in the interior

Indian style in the interior

Traditionally, Indian style in the interior is considered to be more than colorful, even rather clumsy, but this is not at all the case. The Indian house is cozy, comfortable, conducive to relaxation. The richness of textures, shapes, materials and colors are winning points that play in different combinations in different ways, thus giving immense scope for the flight of design imagination. Try to bring notes of Indian culture into your interior, and your house will sparkle with the motives of an oriental fairy tale.

Indian interior

The Indian interior turns the modesty of the gray walls of any apartment into a canvas on which the traditional palette is applied: juicy green, red, dark brown, blue — the classic colors used to create an Indian-style design. The colors of spices are also popular — the pride of Indian culture: curry, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron have long inspired the inhabitants of India with their soft shades.

An Indian-style apartment is usually not overloaded with furniture. Interior items are multifunctional, mainly made of durable teak and flexible rattan. The furniture is mostly low, upholstered with gold embroidery and floral patterns.

Indian style bedroom

Any bedroom, like an Indian-style bedroom, begins with a bed. The bed can be both simple to primitivism and consist of a rattan lounger with a mattress, on bent legs, or obscenely luxurious: decorated with carvings, forging, gold plating. An Indian-style bedroom will become colorful and rich thanks to a traditional oriental tent over the bed, and a painted screen will serve as a good addition to the overall atmosphere. We add two bedside tables decorated with Bombay mosaics or ivory fittings to our bedroom, and that’s where the furnishing ends, as color saturation with object saturation will create the proverbial lurid effect.

Indian style cuisine

Wooden and wrought iron kitchen furniture always looks impressive, and if you want to create an Indian-style kitchen, then it is simply indispensable. If possible, decorate the place above the work surface with hand-painted ceramic mosaics, otherwise you can simply stick a flower-patterned lacquer film. Complete the kitchen interior with a good collection of Indian spices, wrought iron coasters and lamps in fringed fabric lampshades, and your kitchen in Indian style is ready!

Indian style living room

Living room in Indian style must be equipped with curved rattan furniture or teak furniture with thick carvings. The coffee table is traditionally decorated with mosaics or patterns, while the bookshelves gleam with golden Buddha and elephant figurines. Complement the interior with massive curtains on the windows and enjoy the comfort of an Indian home.

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