How to furnish a small bedroom?


How to furnish a small bedroom

Lack of space is a problem that apartment owners often face. In a small room it is difficult to beat an interesting design idea or fit a full-fledged set of furniture, and there is no need to talk about the feeling of constant constraint.

This problem is especially acute in the case of a small bedroom. A room that, by definition, should exude comfort and warmth, but in fact is more like a compartment car, becomes a real punishment for the residents of the apartment. However, inventive designers have come up with a way out of this situation, offering several ideas on how to make a cozy small bedroom. Read more about their offerings below.

Arrangement of a small bedroom

To make your bedroom visually wider and fit all the necessary things in it, you can use the following small bedroom design ideas:

  • give up dark wallpaper on the walls in favor of light pastel shades, and paint the ceiling white;
  • to visually increase the size of the room, hang a large mirror opposite the window;
  • do not clutter up the room with items that you can do without (bookshelves, chairs, canopies, numerous pillows);
  • sleeping textiles (bed covers, curtains, curtains) should be of the same color or with a small print;
  • use multifunctional furniture.

Small bedroom layout

Before furnishing a small bedroom, you need to finally decide on the desired result. What do you want to get — a room in which you can only sleep or a versatile room in which you can organize meetings with friends? One of the following options may suit your needs:

  1. Bedroom with podium. A good solution for zoning and saving space. Above the podium there can be a workplace, a cabinet or even a small sofa, and under it there is a comfortable pull-out bed. There are options when there is a sleeping place on the podium, and under it there are sliding shelves with things.
  2. Bedroom-living room. If you need to combine two functional rooms, then it is better to use a folding sofa with an orthopedic mattress or turn to decorative partitions that will allow you to zone the space.
  3. Ideas with multifunctional furniture. If you need to fit a lot of things into the room, then use the built-in closet or a bed with built-in drawers. In addition, you will need such elements as a console table, a transformable cabinet, a picture with illumination (an additional light source).


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