How to decorate the walls in the bathroom?

How to decorate the walls in the bathroom

When deciding how best to finish the walls in the bathroom, it is advisable to take into account several points. The materials used for finishing must have water-repellent properties, they must also not contain toxic substances, not react to chemicals.

Various finishing materials

The most popular wall finishing material used in the bathroom is tile. The tile is good because it is not difficult to put it on the walls yourself, having no great skills, without involving professionals. The main thing, when choosing a tile, is to buy it of high quality, choosing a perfectly flat one.

How else can you decorate the walls of the bathroom? Popular modern materials are plastic panelsmade for interior decoration. They are convenient in that they are easy to install, paneling does not provide for preliminary alignment of the walls, the only problem is that they collect condensate on their surface.

Allowed use waterproof drywall, it can also be mounted independently, but it must be painted in the future. This finishing option is inexpensive.

What else is inexpensive, but stylish and modern, you can decorate the walls in the bathroom? The most traditional and inexpensive way is painting walls with waterproof paints. With such a finish, it is permissible to use combinations of different colors or shades, drawing a pattern. You can also combine painting with tiles, laying them up to the middle of the wall surface.

How to decorate the walls in the bathroom in a wooden house? Material for finishing such a bathroom, you can use any of the above. The only difference is that in a house with wooden walls, it is desirable to make a more substantial waterproofing of them before doing the final finishing.

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