How to combine wallpaper in the hallway?


How to combine wallpaper in the hallway

Each modern apartment begins with a small hall, which is actually the hallmark of the home. Here the hosts meet guests, store outerwear and shoes, spin in front of the mirror before leaving the house. Therefore, it is important that the hallway charges you with a good mood and emphasizes the unique aura of the apartment. To create an interesting design, it is desirable to beautifully decorate the walls of the room. The combined wallpaper for the corridor will help you with this. Why exactly this option? Let’s try to figure it out.

The principles of combining wallpaper in the corridor

Today, it is rare for anyone to paste over all the walls of a room with the same wallpaper, as it looks a little boring and banal. To add zest and show your own individuality, it is better to use several canvases at once, differing in shade or print. Knowing how to properly combine wallpaper in the corridor, you can achieve the following effect:

  • visually change the parameters of the room;
  • pasting the bottom of the wall with dark wallpaper, you can hide the pollution that often occurs in this area;
  • to focus on the merits of the hall and divert attention from its flaws;
  • express your own taste.

Wallpaper options for the corridor

At the moment, the most common are the following combinations of wallpaper in the corridor:

  1. Horizontal delineation. Paste the bottom of the wall with dense dirt-repellent wallpaper, and the top with brighter and more delicate canvases. To distinguish between two types of wallpaper, you can use a paper border, moldings or slats.
  2. Contrasting inserts. Take plain discreet wallpaper as a basis, and stick inserts with a pronounced pattern on top of them. The edges of the glued figure can be framed with polyurethane moldings.
  3. Niche highlighting. If your hallway has decorative ledges and niches, then decorate them with bright wallpaper. So they will attract more attention and become an integral part of the design of the room.


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