How to combine wallpaper in the bedroom?

How to combine wallpaper in the bedroom

Today, many designers are trying to move away from the standard way of decorating the walls in the bedroom, and are increasingly turning to bolder and more interesting options. One of them is the combination of wallpaper. Combining canvases of different shades and textures, you can visually change the proportions of the room or focus on certain areas. In addition, the combination of wallpaper in the bedroom will make the room more extravagant and at the same time emphasize the extraordinary taste of the owners of the home.

Basic principles

Using a combination of different canvases, you can achieve the following visual effects:

  • zone the room;
  • accentuate one of the walls;
  • adapt the room to the character of the owner;
  • create a focal point;
  • shade the furniture.

But to achieve the desired effect, you need to know how to properly combine wallpaper in the bedroom. First of all, you should choose the right combination. In the interior of the bedroom, wallpaper with any ornament will be acceptable — abstract, geometric, floral. The main thing is that the decor should not be intrusive and aggressive. As the main color, it is desirable to choose a neutral shade (beige, blue, peach, pink, white). It is better to refuse artificial aggressive tones, as they do not contribute to relaxation and good rest.

Ideas for combining wallpaper in the bedroom

The following combinations look advantageous:

  1. Plant motifs. Cover one of the walls with wallpaper with a rich floral ornament, and the rest of the walls with delicate pastel canvases. Such decor will make your room tender and romantic.
  2. Folklore and baroque ornament. Emphasizes the versatility and luxury of the interior. Pairs well with cream and silver gray wallpapers.
  3. Abstraction. Looks original and unobtrusive. It is combined with plain wallpaper or painted walls.

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