How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom?


How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Repair, especially in a room like a bedroom, requires special responsibility. After all, it is in it that we restore our strength and rest, which means that nothing should annoy us and cause discomfort. That’s why it’s important to carefully figure out how to choose wallpaper for your bedroom.

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Now in stores you can find a huge variety of wallpaper for the bedroom. Their main types are as follows: paper wallpaper, textile, vinyl, non-woven. How to choose wallpaper in the bedroom?

The best choice would be to purchase paper wallpaper in the bedroom, since paper is the material that, after gluing, will not emit various harmful substances into the air. This is the most environmentally friendly option for use in the bedroom. And a huge range of paper wallpapers, both with and without a pattern, greatly expands the choice. The only disadvantage of such wallpapers is considered to be insufficient durability, however, if we consider this issue in more detail, this objection can be removed. So, the average life of paper wallpaper is 5 years, unlike, for example, vinyl, which can not be re-pasted for as long as 15 years. However, numerous recommendations advise to refresh the renovation in the bedroom exactly once every 5 years, that is, paper wallpapers are just right for this.

Another type of wallpaper that is well suited for decorating a bedroom is textile options made from environmentally friendly materials. Such wallpapers look very unusual and noble, their texture always attracts attention, and a variety of patterns allow you to create interesting design solutions.

If your bedroom has some repair flaws, for example, recesses, uneven walls, then the question arises: what kind of wallpaper to choose for the bedroom in this case? When faced with such a problem, it is better to stop at the choice of vinyl wallpaper: they are dense and durable enough to reliably mask all the flaws.

But it is better not to use non-woven wallpaper in the repair of this room, since the probability of releasing various toxic substances into the air is too high. Painting over a layer of wallpaper can solve the situation, but this will complicate and lengthen the repair time.

How to choose the color of wallpaper for the bedroom?

The traditional choice of wallpaper colors for the bedroom are various pastel shades. These gentle tones do not irritate the eyes, allow the brain to rest. In addition, they look great both in large rooms and in bedrooms that are not striking in their size. Light colors visually expand the space, and also fill the room with light.

Often during repairs, the following question also arises: what kind of wallpaper to choose for a white bedroom? In principle, any shades of the walls, both light and dark, will be combined with this color of the interior, however, if you want to maintain the unity of the color design, then you can also use completely white wallpapers in the repair, but with an interesting texture, for example, plain patterns. Or use this design move: choose a black and white striped wallpaper or an option with a black pattern on a white background and paste over one of the walls of the room with them (usually the wall at the head of the bed or opposite it is chosen), and finish the rest of the walls with neutral white wallpaper.

Dark wallpapers can also be chosen to decorate the bedroom, they create an unusual effect. Just do not forget that bright shades can quickly get bored, so you need to purchase your favorite color, then such a repair will last you longer. Bright patterns will also fit well with some bedroom interior solutions. If the pattern is too large or catchy, then you can apply the option of finishing with such wallpaper only one wall.


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