Hallway interior in a private house

Hallway interior in a private house

The entrance hall is the cover of your apartment and the face of its owners. It is she who creates the first impression after guests enter the house or apartment. Our direct task is to make this very impression positive and inspire guests to inspect the whole house.

Layout of the hallway in a private house

If you decide to build a house or a cottage, then, of course, you cannot do without a plan and the help of an architect. If you managed to draw a plan on your own, calculate the required dimensions, the ratio of rooms, and even lay communications, you still should not refuse the help of an architect. A specialist can see inaccuracies in the project that are not visible to the “blurred” eye and will be able to give a lot of useful advice.

When planning a hallway in a private house, it should be remembered that the main criterion is the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthis room. If the entrance hall is separated from the rest of the rooms by its own corridor leading to them, its area will start from 4-6 sq.m.

If the layout of the hallway in a private house provides for its combination with a corridor near the living room or a bathroom, then more space should be allocated for clothes and shoes so that the guests (and the owners too) have a place to undress / take off their shoes and dress / put on shoes.

Finishing the hallway in a private house

At the stage of finishing the hallway in your private house, it would be good to understand the style in which the hallway will be made. The principle of finishing walls, ceilings, floors and even baseboards directly depends on this.

To finish the walls of the hallway in a private house, you can use washable wallpaper, stucco, tile mosaics, decorative stone trim, or simply uniform or contrasting wall painting. The ceiling can be hinged classic or grilyato, which provides sufficient lighting. Because natural light may not be enough or not at all. The floor is made of wood, laminate or non-slip tiles. I repeat that the final choice depends on the chosen style of the hallway.

Design and arrangement of the hallway in a private house

Regardless of the style of the interior that you have chosen for the hallway in a private house, as part of the design and arrangement procedure, we must calculate the main comfort factors. These include: a place for shoes, outerwear, bags, umbrellas, hats and all kinds of shoe brushes and creams. There are two options for decorating and arranging all this charm in the hallway of a private house.

First option. You can delimit the above list by zones with the help of appropriate furniture: a shoe rack, an umbrella basket, hangers, a chest of drawers, etc. This option is good for a private house with an entrance hall, which is relatively large. Indeed, for the arrangement of the listed furniture, a lot of space is required. But even for complete convenience, it is desirable to put a small sofa, a large ottoman or a sofa. After all, taking off your shoes in the “sitting” position is much more pleasant than jumping on one leg, trying to unfasten the zipper at the left boot with your right hand, and in the meantime, draw air zigzags with your other hand.

Second option. It is more suitable for decorating and arranging a private house, where the entrance hall is small. This option involves the installation of a sliding wardrobe. The sliding wardrobe will save a lot of space and solve several issues at once. The internal filling of the closet can be thought out in such a way that it is possible and convenient to hang clothes and bags, fold shoes and umbrellas, place hats and shoe accessories. The front door can be ordered from a mirror, which makes it possible to evaluate your appearance before going out and correct if something is wrong.

Having thought through everything to the smallest detail, taking into account the tips you especially liked from the article, you can decorate your house with a beautiful hallway.

Live in comfort, create with pleasure!

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