Hallway in Provence style

Hallway in Provence style

It is completely wrong to assume that only living rooms can be equipped in the Provence style. French flair and charm can be easily incorporated into other spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. The main features of this style, of course, remain, but still there are some differences that are associated with the functional purpose of a particular room.

Hallway design in Provence style

  1. Room lighting. Usually rooms furnished in this southern French style are filled with light, but rarely does any hallway, especially in a high-rise building, have at least a small window. Try to saturate this room with a sufficient number of lighting fixtures that can turn a standard narrow passage resembling a tunnel into a cozy and bright corridor.
  2. Decoration Materials. Standard plastic panels or glass are not very suitable for the style we have chosen. A small Provence-style hallway will be much more comfortable when it is finished with natural wood. It is clear that such a luxury as parquet will seem expensive to many, so if you use synthetic substitutes (laminate, linoleum), then only those that imitate wood with high quality. Walls are usually plastered, and intentionally their surface is not made perfectly smooth. The solution lays unevenly, it is possible that the masonry even shows through in places. It is allowed to finish part of the surface of the walls with stone or brick, painted in the same color as the rest of the room. Parquet, tiles are spread on the floor, it will be nice to look like porcelain stoneware in the interior of the hallway in the Provence style. But to make the cold stone look cozier, you will have to put a couple of warm rustic rugs on the floor.
  3. The choice of furniture in the hallway Provence. The central figure in this room is often such an item as an old chest of drawers. Nearby you can place a bench, a bench, a hanger. If you want to enhance the feeling of antiquity, then fit beautiful wicker baskets for shoes. A Provence or country style hallway is not a place for plastic or chipboard products. Try to find antique wood items or order something stylish in wrought iron. At the flea market you can find many interesting specimens that, in skillful hands, will turn into rare exhibits. Wooden furniture should be specially slightly shabby, preferably light blue or white, it is better to paint forged elements as well. Bulky headsets are not very suitable for a Provence-style hallway; this interior should not be cluttered. If you like a closet, then it is better to buy a product here that looks more like old models, without mirrored doors that are now fashionable. Mirror, without which the hallway cannot do, install on the wall separately, enclosing it in a stylish frame, decorated, if possible, with a floral pattern.
  4. Decorative little things for the hallway Provence. How can you imagine a blooming and warm South without beautiful green plants. These things should be present in the interior of our hallway in any form. You can install a device with dried or live plants on a table, put a large floor vase, hang flower pots on the wall. Some owners act in a more original way, adapting wicker baskets, old jugs, even stylish oversized shoes for plants. In a rustic style, such things will look quite normal and interesting. Paintings with green provincial landscapes or images of quiet French streets hung on the walls are even more capable of enlivening the interior.

You see that it is quite easy to equip a piece of rural France in a city apartment. Properly selected wall paint, furniture and other furnishings will help make your hallway look great in a warm and very cozy Provence style.

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