Glass shower screens

Glass shower screens

Sometimes bathroom interior design dictates its own rules to us. An example is the design of a shower with glass doors or partitions. Such decor is often present in an apartment decorated in high-tech or art deco style. So what do you need to know when planning to install glass shower screens?

Glass partitions in the shower

Such partitions will make your room more stylish and add depth to the space. Glass is an ideal material in this regard, since the partition does not prevent the spread of natural light, but at the same time creates certain boundaries within the room. Partitions are often installed instead of standard showers in bathrooms, where there is a niche in the wall, enclosed on three sides by walls.

When it comes to design, it’s all up to you. Glass shower screens can be framed or frameless. The latter are in trend today, because they have a certain futuristic look and look very nice overall. In a frameless partition, the glass itself is the load-bearing element. With the help of various fasteners, it is securely fixed to one of the walls.

According to the degree of light transmission, partitions can be opaque, translucent and transparent. The most popular today are translucent — they provide the penetration of a sufficient amount of light, and at the same time reliably protect from prying eyes. Opaque partitions are also commercially available, but their use negates the main advantage of glass.

The shower screen can be stationary or mobile — this applies more to sliding or hinged glass doors. They also come in various colors and shades, and are often decorated with patterns (matting or sandblasting).

The fragility of glass has long been a myth. The glass used for the production of glass doors and shower screens has high strength and, in addition, heat resistance. Shower screens are usually made of tempered glass having a thickness of 8-12 mm. Thanks to special additives, this material is 5-7 times stronger than ordinary glass. If such material breaks, then the fragments will not have pointed edges.

Installing a glass partition in the shower is a great design solution. But it should be noted that this technique is relevant only for spacious bathrooms. In small rooms, such a partition can be a hindrance.

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