Fusion style in the interior

fusion style in the interior

Fusion style (from the English fusion — merging, mixing) is a harmonious mix of other trends and styles in design. The main advantage of fusion interiors is their individuality, because an innumerable number of combinations and mixing options are possible.

Fusion in modern interior design is one of the most sought after styles. It is easy to explain this trend: among the variety of forms, directions, beautiful things, it is difficult to choose one thing. I want to put together all the best and get, in the end, a unique design.

Fusion design is rich, emotional, somewhat absurd and bohemian. He boldly plays with colors, textures, materials, bizarre forms are not alien to him.

To create a fusion-style room, you need to have good taste, developed imagination and, most importantly, a sense of proportion. After all, eclectic design, for all its apparent spontaneity, requires consistency and a careful approach to detail.

How to create a fusion style room?

  1. First, decide on the main colors and their combinations. Use bright colors, contrasting tones, a black and white palette is possible, unexpected tandems, for example, pistachio and pink. You can also beat the palette of one color in its various shades.
  2. Think carefully about how the lighting will be. You can use spot lighting — to focus on a certain area of ​​​​space, a color spot, an element of decor. Also pay attention to a variety of sconces, floor lamps — vintage with colorful lampshades or fancy plastic, in the spirit of hi tech.
  3. Pay attention to the texture of the finish — it is best to choose soft, pleasant to the touch materials, a variety of textiles, faux fur. In the design of the walls, textured plaster, fabric wallpapers are appropriate.
  4. Fusion design is practically unlimited in the choice of patterns and prints. These can be ornaments in the Art Nouveau style, Greek friezes, animalistic motifs, cartoon drawings, stripes, tie, a cage.
  5. For a fusion interior, feel free to use both modern and old furniture — it can be painted in bright colors, painted, decorated using the decoupage technique with some interesting picture, aged with sandpaper and craquelure varnish. Also, the furniture diversifies the new upholstery, covers or bedspreads.
  6. In fact, the mood of the interior in the fusion style is made by the details. Carpets, curtains, paintings and photographs in interesting frames, figurines, lamps, decorative pillows, watches, dolls — every thing should be exclusive, have its own face. Ideal places to “hunt” for fusion decor are flea markets, exhibitions, antique shops, souvenir shops where young artists sell their creations.

Depending on which part of the house you are decorating, pay attention to a variety of fusion design techniques.

Fusion style kitchen

In a fusion style kitchen, use lighting, create an impromptu bar counter with a fancy shape. Complement the design with interesting assorted dishes made of textured ceramics, glass, and plastic. Pots with flowers, herbs, indoor vegetables (hot peppers, cherry tomatoes) will be appropriate on the windowsill.

Fusion style bedroom

A fusion-style bedroom will allow you to widely use the idea of ​​textured textiles. A bed with a wrought-iron headboard, a skin-shaped carpet, a floor lamp with a fabric lampshade will also perfectly express the design idea. To store things, you can use a regular bracket on wheels — then your wardrobe will also become part of the interior.

Fusion living room

A fusion-style living room may well turn into a kind of salon and home museum. It is in the guest room that you can give free rein to passion for details and interior trifles. By the way, a great fusion idea for those who like to gather friends at home is to sew or buy large floor pillows in bright covers.

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