Furniture for a small hallway


Furniture for a small hallway

In most apartments, the hallways are small, so their owners cannot afford sophisticated furniture and decoration styles. However, in this situation, specially designed furniture becomes saving, which does not take up much space, but at the same time remains very practical and roomy. It is easy to make a stylish design of a small hallway with it, so designers often use it in their projects.

How to furnish a small hallway?

A small corridor can be an unpleasant problem for many apartment owners. It is impossible to install a full-fledged closet in it in which one could store all things, and constantly hanging clothes on trempels and taking them to another room is also extremely inconvenient. For this case, furniture for a small hallway is useful, which is characterized by small dimensions and convenience. The most interesting products are:

  1. Shoe cabinet. Designed for storing shoes. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that everything is stored behind a decorative door, which also serves as a stand for shoes. Thus, the shoes do not catch the eye, which makes the hallway more comfortable and well-groomed.
  2. Hanger for a small hallway. It is better to refuse the classic floor hanger, as it looks rather untidy and takes up a lot of space (especially when hung with outerwear of all family members). It is better to choose a wall hanger adjacent to the wall. It is good if it is equipped with two rows of hooks, an upper shelf for hats and a crossbar for hangers. The product can be placed in the corner or on the side wall of the room.
  3. Set with pedestal. This design rearranges an elongated panel with hooks at the top, and at the bottom it rests on a nightstand for bags and shoes. This model is suitable for both small and spacious hallways.
  4. Hanging shelves. Ideal for people who want to save on furniture and stylishly beat the space. Under the shelves, you can place hooks on which jackets, bags and keys will hang. Upstairs you can store hats, scarves and gloves.
  5. Shelving units without back wall. Store shoes, bags and other small things in them. If desired, the racks can be supplemented with capacious wicker baskets or beautiful shoe boxes pasted over with bright paper.
  6. Shoe bench. It is made in the form of a wooden cabinet inside which you can store boots or your favorite shoes. You can sit on the bench while putting on your shoes or put your bag/keys on it. Some models are equipped with an additional shelf on which you can put your phone or put the necessary documents.

As you can see, the range of furniture for a small corridor is very wide. You just need to decide on the price range and the desired functionality.

The perfect solution for a small hallway

Many landlords do not want their belongings to be visible to their guests. And this is understandable, because jackets and fur coats hung in several layers look a little untidy. To avoid this, you can install a cabinet with doors. In a small hallway, it is better to choose a narrow wardrobe with mirrored facades. It will easily fit into a small room and will not block the passage when the doors are open.

The cabinet can be installed along one of the walls or built into a free corner. When choosing dimensions, it is better to order the highest possible model. This way you can store off-season items on the top shelves that only clutter up the space. At the bottom, be sure to make several compartments for shoes, and at the top — a bar for trempels and a couple of three hooks for light jackets.


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