Forged hangers in the hallway

Such an insignificant, at first glance, interior element as a hanger can become the highlight of the entire hallway and give it beauty and completeness. In addition, it is at the entrance to the house that outerwear is usually stored, so the hanger must be durable, roomy and conveniently located. An original option would be a forged hanger in the hallway, which can be easily found in any furniture store, because all semi-antique products have recently returned to fashion.

Types and features of forged hangers for the hallway

A very convenient option that takes up a minimum of space is a forged floor hanger. Usually it is a metal pipe, around which there are hooks for clothes. They can be at different levels, which is very convenient for families with children. Such a hanger can be installed in the corner, then it will take up a minimum of such space necessary for the hallway.

Another type is a wall forged hanger. It is attached to the wall and has a row or several rows of hooks. Thanks to the intricate forging patterns, the wall forged hanger in the hallway can be very original and functional at the same time. For example, she can depict a flower, the stem of which winds along the wall. And already hooks for clothes are attached to this stem. There are products with a shelf on top for hats and scarves, on the bottom — for shoes, with a forged bench included. In fact, there are many options, the main thing is to turn on the fantasy.

There are many advantages of forged hangers. First, it is very beautiful and stylish. Secondly, metal hooks are able to withstand any weight, so even the heaviest fur coat or sheepskin coat will not be able to cut them off. And in general, such a piece of furniture is very durable. Forged hanger will add charm to any hallway and make its interior unique.

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