Eclecticism in the interior

Eclecticism in the interior

Eclecticism is a kind of vinaigrette in design. In one room, classic old furniture can coexist with minimalism and even futurism. Colors and textures are also a wild mixture, because the eclectic style in the interior does not care about combinations.

Of course, in general, all decorative elements must look organic, no matter what. Thus, eclecticism is a very individual and creative design, which, however, is quite difficult to implement. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of it either. After all, when creating an interior, risk is a noble cause, and unexpected results can pleasantly surprise you.

So, what tips should you use when creating an eclectic style in the interior.

Focus points

Select for yourself three elements in the decor, on which everything will hold. In such a slightly chaotic design, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild and end up in complete chaos. We are also interested in seasoned style and elegance.

One of these elements should be color. What color is a matter of your taste preferences. Eclecticism — both architectural and interior style — does not recognize restrictions in color schemes. Perhaps you should start by choosing wall paint or wallpaper colors and patterns. This will greatly facilitate the task of choosing pieces of furniture and accessories, and will become a guide in this design chaos full of unique details.

The other two elements can be anything: a vase, an antique table, and even a work of art. The only limit in this case is your imagination. Just choose what your heart tells you or what makes you smile. Follow your instincts, eclectic interiors are designed to create inspiration.

The second and third key elements do not have to be the same color as the first, but it is desirable that they are somehow combined — by color or style, or maybe by the period to which they belong.

Decor items

Now it remains to choose decor and furniture in accordance with the main elements. Look for similarities in style, color, texture, and pattern. Always keep your focus points in mind (or better yet, keep them in your hands). Despite the fact that eclecticism provides for inconsistencies in the interior, focusing on the main elements will give a clean result, seasoned with taste and elegance.

The more similarities there are between new accessories and focal points, the more they are worth picking up. For example, if the main element is a lemon floor lamp, and in one of the stores you saw pillows of exactly the same shade, buy a dozen of these pillows to enhance the effect. On the other hand, if you’re buying something in a contrasting color, be picky and only buy one at a time. So you can definitely avoid the feeling of obsession and bad taste.

works of art

Art is one of the easiest tools to achieve eclecticism in the interior. The room will look much more personalized if you decorate it with photo stands or children’s drawings, decorated in beautiful frames. The main thing is to create contrasts from your works of art. For example, if you settled on photographs, print a few in color, a few in sepia, and the rest in black and white, and frame them in different styles.

In this case, there is a unique opportunity to express yourself, your I. This is not a cold modern and not a boring classic, but something completely special, coming from the depths of your imagination. Look at photos of eclectic interiors and mix your favorite ideas with your own, because when else will there be an opportunity to experiment with design.

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