Drywall niches in the living room

Drywall niches in the living room

Decorating the wall with niches is one of the tricks to beautifully furnish the living room, create an additional place for decoration or an alternative to traditional walls. A living room with niches looks cozier, and the design becomes more dynamic through the use of textures, efflorescences and lighting solutions.

Niches in the interior of the living room — what are they for?

It is drywall today that designers are actively using for a variety of purposes. Drywall niches in the living room can play a purely decorative role, and sometimes they are made for specific purposes.

  1. For lovers of a spacious and bright design, a living room with a niche will be a good solution, because with it you can arrange a place for a TV. Agree that just a screen on the wall is not a very good solution: it is easy to hurt it, the wires will have to be hidden anyway. So the design of a living room with a niche solves several problems at once: you place the monitor in a recess in the wall and hide all the wiring, due to the correctly selected geometry, you will also correct the dimensions of the space.
  2. Niches in the wall in the living room are often used as shelves. If the project itself provides for a recess in the wall, then the shelves suggest themselves there. They look especially impressive in the interior of the living room niches with backlight. An excellent alternative to a bookcase — it takes up little space, but due to the right color, it seems to merge with the wall and does not eat up space.
  3. If you just want to decorate the wall in the living room with drywall niches, you should choose the right size and location of the recesses. Due to the backlit niche, a rectangular room can be visually expanded, stretched into low ceilings with vertical recesses. Try to avoid too contrasting finishes on the interior of the niche and be sure to match its style to the style of the furniture in the room. A niche is a good zoning technique if the living room and kitchen are combined.

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