DIY room decor for a girl

do-it-yourself room decor for a girl

Do-it-yourself decor for a girl’s children’s room is not only a way to uniquely decorate the space, but also an idea for spending time together with a child, as well as developing a creative approach in it.

Kids room decor for girls

While the girl is still small, she wants to feel like a princess. And, of course, a fabulous four-poster bed will help her in this. You can buy cuts of suitable light fabric and sew beautiful curtains yourself, or you can contact the workshop for this. Also think about how your girl can help decorate the canopy. Self-adhesive rhinestones can serve as an excellent option, with which the child can decorate a ready-made canopy at his own discretion. Decorative butterflies on pins are also suitable.

You can also decorate a child’s room with a fun wall art. To do this, purchase special vinyl stickers for the wall and place them together with your child in such a way that the resulting panel is noticeable and pleasing to the eye. If you are not too sorry for a beautiful wall covering or fresh wallpaper, then you can paint the walls yourself using acrylic paints.

DIY room decor for a teenage girl

The grown-up girl already has her own views on how her room should look. Encourage her ideas. An excellent solution at this age can be the design of a mood board (literally, “mood board”). It is a cork or wood panel, possibly a magnetic board, which is hung on one of the walls. And a teenage girl can, using magnets or buttons, randomly place on this board various pictures, notes, drawings that inspire her at the moment. When she doesn’t like something, it’s easy to remove and replace with a new one. By the way, such a mood board will save the walls from numerous posters of idols with which girls love to decorate their room so much, because all the pictures can be placed on the board.

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