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parquet design

Wood is a classic for flooring. Parquet design is an art designed to create flooring that meets the aesthetic and practical needs of the owners. The material is wooden planks that can give the apartment the look of a royal palace. They have a variety of shapes, complex patterns, various colors.

Types of parquet

For the production of dies, various types of wood are used, which allows you to create unique patterns and whole pictures. Oak parquet has a honey hue and a distinct texture pattern. It can be bleached, patinaed, painted black, depending on the design. Walnut is darker, its texture is wavy. Also, craftsmen use cherry, maple, birch, alder. For an expensive and festive coating, valuable exotic woods are used, which are characterized by increased hardness. Dies differ in shape and method of laying.

Herringbone parquet

With the help of planks, both clear geometric drawings and artistic paintings are laid out. Parquet, the mass of which is created with the help of lasers, is cut very clearly. This allows you to create an accurate drawing, perfectly fit the parts together. The most popular pattern is the zigzag herringbone pattern. It is divided into regular and French. In a typical herringbone, the dice are stacked perpendicular to each other in a checkerboard pattern. The pattern can be laid out directly or diagonally in the room. There is a «herringbone» single or double. In the last dice, they are laid out in pairs.

parquet design

In the French herringbone, the boards are connected by narrow sides, beveled at an angle of 45 degrees. It turns out a symmetrical and even pattern. Laying planks in a French herringbone pattern looks elegant thanks to sawn-down corners. Boards are made in various sizes. Wide — visually expand the space, and narrow give the room comfort and compactness. The tight arrangement of the planks ensures a long service life of the flooring.

parquet design

Square parquet

With the help of boards, you can break the floor into clear segments with graphic ornaments. Oak parquet looks attractive when laid in squares. The monochrome texture of the wood accentuates the pattern. Before mounting, the dies are assembled into equilateral squares, which are placed perpendicular to each other. There are several design options for the pattern — squares can be framed with contrasting plates in the form of a graphic ornament. Small inserts-accents from the material of the opposite color look spectacular in the pattern. A large drawing does not fit in a small room.

parquet design

Rectangle parquet

The pattern of rectangles is called «braid». These are rows consisting of several planks intertwined with other rectangles located perpendicular to them. This ornament looks solid and brings balance to the design. Inside the «braid» a small square is formed. It can be made from a different type of wood, it will turn out spectacularly. An example — light ash parquet can be combined with dark cherry, walnut, wenge. In any drawing, a contrasting tree looks interesting and expressive. On the basis of ash, artistic coatings are often created.

parquet design

Parquet color

The coating is absolutely natural, made of wood. Its shade depends on the type of wood and how it is processed. Parquet in interior design should be chosen in accordance with the color scheme for decorating the room. Well-chosen flooring affects the perception of the entire interior, can visually enlarge the room, give it solemnity. There are several varieties of color parquet, the design of which depends on the style of the interior and furniture.

Light parquet

There is material with shades of medium saturation. Yellowish-beige breeds radiate warmth, dispose to rest. These include golden oak and beech, which are characterized by natural wood colors, strength and reliability. Parquet flooring made of light-colored slabs creates a relaxed, natural atmosphere in the interior, over the years its color becomes richer and more attractive. The uniform beautiful shade of wood is ideal for classic design. It is suitable for both large and small spaces. Any furniture looks good on such a coating.

parquet design

White parquet

A popular material for creating light-colored flooring is ash. It stands out for its beautiful texture and soft color. Such wood is strong and does not warp. The lightest boards are obtained from maple. Such a floor has a chameleon effect — it changes shade depending on the lighting. Bleached oak is also used to create a light finish. Parquet in an apartment from it is considered more reliable, the color is from cream to grayish. Birch also has a light wood with tan or reddish veins.

parquet design

The coating of such rocks is often tinted in cold shades of pink, gray, white. Parquet, the design of which is often used in modern interiors, has a light, almost white shade of wood. It creates a feeling of open space, visually enlarges the room, looks elegant and airy. An aged coating is used for a Scandinavian interior or a Provence style. Bleached oak, maple is ideal for minimalist design, high-tech style.

parquet design

Dark parquet

The shade of wood plays an important role in the interior. Dark flooring looks expensive and elegant, it is represented by shades of wenge, bamboo, merbau. Wooden parquet made of such wood will successfully emphasize the elegance of classic or modern design, bring mystery into the room. The dark floor is aristocratic and noble. It matches cream walls and light, white furniture.

parquet design

Classic style, oriental, hi-tech, loft, baroque actively use such a floor to create a strict and comfortable look. The dark wood with a glossy lacquer finish looks spectacular and reflects the furnishings. The matte floor is covered with oil, has a respectable chic, it is practical and hides minor flaws in the form of scuffs and scratches. Dark parquet is often used to create contrasts and clear patterns in combination with light woods.

parquet design

Parquet room design

Wooden coating is considered luxurious and noble, emphasizes the style and exclusivity of the interior. It is always at the peak of popularity. Different types of wood in modern processing provide ample opportunities for creating a beautiful design. You can choose shades of wood — light, dark, bleached, aged, brushed, tinted. The way the planks are laid also affects the appearance of the floor — “herringbone”, “deck”, “braid”. Each drawing looks special.

There was an opportunity to choose the size of the plates. Large boards look more expressive, and narrow boards look elegant. Various ways of laying planks make it possible to create geometric ornaments and entire artistic compositions. Instead of piece dies, ready-made modules began to be used, which consist of several lamellas mounted in shields that have an identical pattern. Of these, you can quickly decorate the ornament on the floor, the design consists of one or two types of wood. As a result of the installation of modules on the floor, a complete picture is obtained.

Parquet in the interior is the best and most noble decoration for halls, bedrooms, offices. Contrasting dark and light colors dominate the modern design of the floor. With their help, you can lay out real masterpieces. To do this, borders with geometric patterns are made around the perimeter, it beautifully frames the floor and defines the boundaries of the zones in the room.

parquet design

In the center of the room, artistic rosettes are often laid out in the form of a circle or oval, inside which patterns are placed. For the manufacture of such an element, different types of wood are used. The borders of the rosette may remain open, often in the form of a star. The pattern is different — from a strict geometric composition to floral patterns with curls, buds, ornate stems. The artistic elements of the rosette can be repeated in the border, creating a complete interior.

parquet design

The general rule is that the color of the furniture and floor should differ in one direction or another by one or two palettes. A monochromatic version is allowed if a contrasting artistic drawing is laid out in the room. For example, for dark furniture it is better to choose a light floor covering, it will look more expressive.

Parquet design, as part of the art, seeks to express the beauty of wood in a plank design. Such flooring is the main decoration of the interior, the elite of the wooden floor. The attractiveness of natural wood allows it to always be at the peak of popularity. Modern processing, coupled with a variety of laying methods, make it possible for the coating to become a universal solution for decorating the floor in any interior. The material is environmentally friendly and brings comfort to the house, is an indicator of good taste.

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