Design of a veranda in a private house


Design of a veranda in a private house

When you need to expand your family’s living space, add another functional area or decorate the facade of your house in an original way — you just need to complete the veranda. If you are happy owners of a house with a veranda, then you may need to think more carefully about the design of the veranda in your private house: change or add something, because there is no limit to perfection!

How to equip a veranda in a private house so that all family members feel comfortable and comfortable to relax there? There are several options for the functional use of a large veranda: a dining room, a living room, a playroom, a winter garden or a greenhouse, a library, a workshop, and, in fact, a veranda — that is, a place for family evenings or meetings with friends.

We equip the veranda

Finishing the veranda in a private house is a pleasant chore, and at the same time, a very serious matter, since we get the first impression of the house by looking at the veranda — the “calling card” of the house.

The interior decoration of the veranda in a private house can be made in any of the styles, depending on the overall design decision or in contrast to it. It all depends on your wishes, tastes and on the constructive solution of the veranda.

When planning the interior of a veranda in a private house, consider the following important points:

  • if your veranda looks to the southeast, then in the morning it will be warm and sunny on it, if to the north, then there will be little light, but you will significantly warm your house;
  • you can build a veranda on the same foundation as the house, or attach it separately. On the closed veranda, warm floors are simply necessary;
  • for additional heat and savings on heating, it is desirable to install double glazing;
  • also, on a closed veranda, install blinds on the windows to protect from the bright sun during the day;
  • if your veranda will serve as a summer kitchen or gazebo, heating is not needed, and if an additional room is planned, then think over the heating system.

If you plant tall plants with dense foliage around the perimeter of the open veranda, you will get a green hedge and protection from other people’s unnecessary looks.

On the open veranda, place a table with wicker chairs, soft sofas with large embroidered pillows, beds, hang a hammock. Take care of the quality lighting that you will need in the evening. Plant your island of relaxation with exotic plants or climbing roses, you can buy small palm trees or evergreen cypresses.


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