Decorative plaster in the bathroom

Decorative plaster in the bathroom

Decorative plaster in the bathroom is a fresh solution in the design of this room with very specific conditions. However, modern options for decorative plaster not only give the bathroom an unusual look, but also have a positive effect on the microclimate in this room.

Benefits of decorating a bathroom with decorative plaster

The main advantage of decorating bathroom walls with decorative plaster is that this material is vapor permeable. That is, moisture will leave the room, and not accumulate inside it. This prevents the possibility of mold or fungus developing on the walls, and also creates a good microclimate in this room. In addition, if the steam is well removed from the room, then the mirrors in it will fog up much less, which is very convenient.

Decorative plaster is a fairly wear-resistant coating, which allows you to make repairs in the bathroom once for a long time. A wide range of textures makes it possible to create your own unique design. Also, the advantage of decorative plaster is that both the mixture itself, before being applied to the walls, and the finished coating can be painted in any of the most interesting colors, creating a unique interior.

Bathroom design with decorative plaster

Finishing the walls of the bathroom with decorative plaster can imitate the texture of a wide variety of materials: stone, silk, sand, wax. Each of these options gives the room a unique character. The most commonly used is the so-called Venetian plaster, which makes the walls look like they are made of natural marble. Also, options with imitation velvet look beautiful. For a Mediterranean-style bathroom, plaster options that resemble sea waves are perfect. The tools used to apply the mixture to the walls will also give individuality to the design. Now you can even buy special stamps for decorative plaster.

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