Corner small hallway

small corner hallway

It is true that they say that the impression of the house is created by its facade. This is also true for the hallway, because it is the first thing guests see when they enter the house. Therefore, it should not be tight. But, at the same time, it is in this room that outerwear and shoes are most often stored, so there should be enough space in it for compact but roomy furniture. This role is best performed by corner hallways.

Design of a small corner hallway

Furniture for a small corridor must necessarily include several important elements. Firstly, it is a corner cabinet for storing outerwear. It is usually placed along two adjacent walls. This piece of furniture is very roomy and takes up very little space.

Corner hallways in a small corridor should also have a shelf or cabinet for shoes, at least the one that is being worn at the moment. For example, in winter, summer shoes can be put in boxes and put in a closet; in summer, the same can be done with winter boots and boots. Thus, the hallway will not be littered with unnecessary things.

In any corridor near the front door there must be a mirror and a shelf for small things: combs, lipsticks, keys.

Corner furniture for a small hallway can be a highlight of the interior, if you correctly approach the issue of choosing materials and decor. Of course, a hallway made of natural wood will look great, but this pleasure is not cheap. A budget option is MDF or chipboard furniture, which can also look good. It can also be covered with natural wood veneer, which can sometimes be mistaken for solid wood products.

Corner hallways for small apartments must necessarily fit into the overall style of the home and be combined in texture and tone with the decoration of the room. As for the color scheme, it can be very diverse: from white and gray, to shades of beige, brown and even black. Some even experiment and order furniture in bright green, red, blue colors. If such a hallway is in harmony with the general style of the house, why not.

Corner furniture can be interesting to beat with thoughtful lighting. Thanks to spotlights, a mirror and a wardrobe appear in an unusual light, the corridor is illuminated by zones.

Advantages of a corner wardrobe for a corridor

Corner hallways for small corridors can include several elements, or they can combine everything you need in one single closet. This is a very roomy piece of furniture that can easily fit both clothes and shoes. So there is no need for a separate cabinet for shoes.

The door in such a cabinet is advisable to make a mirror. This will kill two birds with one stone: firstly, it will visually increase the space, and secondly, there is no need for a separate mirror that will occupy a certain place on the wall.

For small items on the side wall of the cabinet, you can make shelves that have a rounded shape.

A significant advantage of wardrobes for small, and especially narrow hallways, is the design of the doors. They do not need to be opened forward, which means they do not take up precious space.

Sliding wardrobes are usually made to order, so you can think carefully about its design and content. Be sure to provide drawers for accessories such as gloves, scarves and hats. Also a good solution would be the presence of hangers installed at different levels. For example, for children’s clothes, you can provide hangers at a distance of 110 cm from the floor. You can also hang bags there.

Corner wardrobes are left- and right-sided, it depends on the location of the corner and the front door.

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