Corner modular hallway

corner modular hallway

When choosing furniture in the hallway, the buyer often thinks that it should be both beautiful and as functional as possible, and most importantly, that it should take up minimal space. Indeed, the entrance hall is the place where we meet guests, and we really don’t want it to be cramped and uncomfortable in it. However, she must fit a lot of things: these are outerwear and shoes. It is desirable that in the hallway there is a mirror and a shelf for small things needed in order to put yourself in order before going out. It has long been noticed that the most compact and roomy corner furniture, with which the hallway seems spacious. Modern manufacturers offer many modular options for these interior items, which is very convenient and practical.

Corner hallway design

Equipping the hallway, you need to remember that its style should be in harmony with the general situation in the home. When purchasing modular hallways with a corner cabinet, you should be aware of the main advantages of such furniture. The peculiarity of modular furniture is that it fits easily even in the smallest rooms. And the corner structure of the cabinet will help to make the most of the available space and the corner, which is often just empty to no avail. When installing a modular design, every square centimeter of the hallway is used.

It is important to pay attention to the color of the furniture. For small hallways, it is better to opt for light-colored furniture that will visually enlarge the space. A dark closet will make the corner too gloomy. Also, do not clutter up the hallway with a large number of modules. You should always proceed from the size of the room and the feasibility of acquiring a particular piece of furniture.

Depending on the cost, modular hallways can be made of chipboard, MDF, solid wood, have decorative inserts made of glass, metal or plastic.

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