Corner hallways to the corridor

corner hallways to the corridor

The hallway is very often undeservedly forgotten in the process of interior design and is being arranged at the very end of the decoration process. However, such an attitude towards this room and the furniture in it is undeserved, because it is the entrance hall that is the first thing guests see when they come into the house. Furniture for the hallway should be both roomy and compact, which is often very difficult to achieve. For a small apartment, a hallway with corner furniture can be a real salvation.

Features of corner hallways

Using a corner under furniture is an excellent, thoughtful and very practical solution. After all, usually this part of the room is often empty. And such a luxury as poorly used space can only be afforded in large houses, which not everyone can boast of. Corner hallways are often made from modules that fit together well, creating a common ensemble. Usually we are talking about a wardrobe, cabinet for shoes and a mirror. In addition, the presence of a shelf for small things, such as keys, lipstick, combs, will not hurt. A huge advantage of modular furniture is that it allows you to make the most of every available square centimeter of space. At the same time, if you do not pile up the hallway too much with modules, corner furniture will help free up enough space near the door. After all, it is impossible to allow that at the entrance to an apartment or house it was crowded and uncomfortable.

Special attention should be paid to the closet as the main element of furniture in the hallway. It should not be too bulky, but it is good if it differs in maximum capacity. A small corner closet in the hallway can work wonders. It occupies only one corner, but due to its depth and L-shape, it fits a huge number of things. You can easily hide all outerwear in it, in addition, there will be a place below for, for example, boxes for equipment.

The corner hallway must be with a mirror, because without it it will be impossible to put the final touch on your image before going outside. The mirror must be installed close to the cabinet, it is desirable to place a small shelf under it for small items.

The color scheme of the corner hallways

It is best to opt for not too dark furniture, especially when it comes to a small room. A dark and gloomy corner will not give the home beauty and comfort. Suitable light brown, gray, beige colors.

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