corner hallway

corner hallway

Corner furniture can be an excellent design solution for a small hallway. It will be easy to install a compact and spacious closet in the corner, and next to it there are a few more elements that are usually used when entering and leaving a home.

Corner hallway design

Sometimes it seems that the corridor or hallway in the house is so small that it makes no sense to pay too much attention to its interior. However, this approach is fundamentally wrong. After all, the furniture and furnishings in this room are the first thing that guests see when visiting the house. And even if the rest of the rooms are furnished with style and taste, and there is some kind of awkward closet in the hallway, the whole impression of the home will be spoiled. In addition, even on the most modest square, you can install such furniture that will fit perfectly into the overall style of the house and differ in its functionality.

Most often, the corner hallway has modular furniture, which is easy to put together and put in the most suitable places. The most important element of such furniture is a closet, which should fit outerwear and everything that the owners need. Usually it is placed in the corner as the most dimensional element of the hallway. You can purchase a ready-made model of this piece of furniture, or order it according to preliminary measurements. Of course, a built-in corner wardrobe in the hallway will cost more, but for small areas it is better to opt for it. After all, custom-made furniture takes into account all the nuances of the room and the place where the product will stand. Thus, all possible free space is saved, the presence of which is so important. There is nothing worse than a cramped and uncomfortable hallway in which it is impossible for two guests to pass each other.

Corner hallways usually include not only a closet, but also a cabinet for shoes, a mirror and a small shelf for small items. The shoe box can be placed in the opposite corner from the closet or next to it, it all depends on the layout of the room. Every hallway must have a mirror. It can be hung on the wall next to the cabinet. A good solution for very small hallways can be a mirror door in the closet. Firstly, it will significantly save space, secondly, it will visually increase the space, and thirdly, a corner hallway with a full-length mirror — what could be better?

There are narrow hallways in which the closet simply does not fit. In this case, it is quite possible to use a regular clothes hanger and shoe rack. However, it would be more expedient to make all the elements of narrow hallways angular, so there will be more space.

All elements of the hallway should be combined in color, style and texture with each other and be a harmonious part of the overall interior of the house.

The advantages of a small corner cabinet in the hallway

A cabinet installed in a corner has many advantages. First of all, it is its spaciousness and compactness. In addition, corner furniture always looks non-standard and original. Usually it is made to order, so you can independently adjust the depth, and hence the spaciousness of this piece of furniture.

A corner cabinet does not have to be with ordinary doors. Many opt for a convenient wardrobe, which can also be placed in a corner. Such a cabinet is even better suited for very small hallways, because its design does not require additional space for opening doors.

A corner cabinet will become a highlight of the interior of the room if small light bulbs are built into it — elements of spot lighting. Built-in corner hallways can make a cramped hallway an excellent place to store clothes and shoes and to welcome guests.

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