Ceiling in the bathroom — which one to choose?

Ceiling in the bathroom which one to choose

Finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is associated with a certain microclimate that develops in this room: high humidity, the presence of vapors and drops of water, periodic increases and decreases in temperature. Therefore, many people are faced with the question of which ceiling to choose in the bathroom.

Now there are a huge number of options for the ceiling in the bathroom, let’s focus on some of them.

Suspended plasterboard bathroom ceilings

Such ceilings are chosen for installation in the bathroom quite often. Firstly, there is a special moisture-resistant type of drywall, which allows you not to worry about the safety of the ceiling, and secondly, such a coating looks beautiful and modern, drywall plates reliably hide all the irregularities of the base ceiling surface. In addition, this is the easiest option for installing any ceiling lighting in the bathroom, both spotlights and a large chandelier will do. Finally, such a coating can be made with different height levels, which allows you to give the room a unique look. The disadvantages of a plasterboard ceiling is the need to install a frame that «eats» the height of the room, as well as the difficulty of self-assembly of the entire coating. However, this is practically the only option for a bathroom with a sloping ceiling.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Modern stretch ceilings are successfully used in the decoration of the bathroom. Such coatings withstand the effects of moisture and water vapor well, they will not deteriorate in case of accidental leakage from the apartment from above (the ceiling will stretch under the weight of water, but specialists can easily drain it, and the coating will again take its previous shape), and the options for decorating such a ceiling cannot be counted at all. . The disadvantage of the stretch fabric is its susceptibility to tearing in the event of exposure to sharp or hard objects, as well as the difficulty in washing glossy coatings, while the matte ceiling in the bathroom does not require such labor.

Glass ceilings in the bathroom

This type of ceiling in the bathroom is a hinged sheet of glass plates mounted on a reinforced metal frame. The glass ceiling can visually expand the room, it looks unusual and interesting. At the same time, he is not afraid of moisture and leaks from above. Stained glass can give the room a special atmosphere.

A variety of glass is a mirrored ceiling in the bathroom, in which instead of conventional tiles, options with a reflective surface are used. This ceiling is able to conquer anyone, but you should prepare for the fact that it will be difficult to care for such a coating, stains quickly appear on any glass and mirror, and rubbing with plain water leads to stains.

Cassette ceilings for the bathroom

Glass ceilings are included in a larger group of cassette ceilings. These hinged structures are assembled on a frame of guides, while its constituent elements themselves are square-shaped tiles. Ceiling tiles look very good in the bathroom. The disadvantages and advantages of such ceilings depend on the material used to make the tiles, but it is worth remembering that dirt can clog into the seams between parts of such a coating.

Panel ceiling in the bathroom

Many design options are created using a variety of panels that are assembled according to the principle of the designer. A siding ceiling in a bathroom is a budget and interesting option, but you should choose vinyl over metal options, as the latter are susceptible to corrosion when exposed to moisture.

The plastic ceiling in the bathroom, assembled from PVC panels, is suitable for decorating rooms in modern styles. Non-standard color moves look interesting, for example, the black ceiling in the bathroom.

The wooden ceiling in the bathroom is not the most practical solution. It is better to choose siding or panels with wood imitation, however, if you still want to make a coating from a natural board, then the best solution would be to cover the finished ceiling with a water-repellent compound.

Aluminum ceilings in the bathroom are durable and beautiful, they look neat for a long time, but dirt can also accumulate in the seams between the panels, and the residents of the apartment do not always like the shine of the metal material.

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