Ceiling design in the living room

Ceiling design in the living room

More recently, almost all of us believed that furniture, wallpaper, curtains, etc. could be the decoration of the living room. Few people could have imagined that the ceiling could become the center of attention in the room. However, modern materials and technologies make it possible to create truly excellent ceiling surfaces. In addition, properly designed interior ceilings and lighting in the living room will help divide the room into zones, as well as visually change the height of the ceiling.

Plasterboard ceiling in the living room

With the help of drywall constructions, the living room can be made original and unique. An ordinary flat suspended ceiling with original built-in lights will look like a work of art. But an even greater effect is created by multi-level ceiling structures. Drywall allows you to create reliefs of any shape on the ceiling. And with its help, the ceiling surface becomes an important element of the interior.

In the living room, decorated in the style of minimalism or sophisticated classics, strict geometric shapes will emphasize the rejection of this trend from excesses.

And the lush and artsy baroque or rococo can not do without multi-tiered structures, painted in enchanting shades.

But the installation of a plasterboard ceiling is possible only if there are high base ceilings. This is due to the fact that even the simplest design takes at least 10 cm in height.

Design of stretch ceilings in the living room

Stretch ceilings help to realize the most daring design ideas. The polyvinyl chloride from which it is made can take a wide variety of forms. Stretch ceilings are created not only flat or multi-level, but also in the form of an arch, bell, cone and even wavy.

Lighting plays a special role in this design of the ceiling surface. The use of crystal diffusers or fiber-optic threads of the end section allows you to create the effect of multi-beam stars, imitate the shape of any constellations or the Milky Way. And a living room with a low ceiling will seem much higher if you organize a uniform diffused lighting of a glossy stretch ceiling.

Thus, PVC stretch ceilings and plasterboard ceiling structures contribute to the implementation of any ideas. And the limitation in the design of the living room design can only be a lack of funds to implement the idea.

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