Ceiling curtains

Ceiling curtains

As you know, hanging curtains is the final chord in the design of any room, which makes the room more comfortable and harmonious. And well-chosen curtains help to ensure the combination of fabric with the style of the interior.

Modern models of cornices, thanks to a wide variety of shapes and colors, help to bring to life all possible and impossible design ideas. Aluminum and plastic ceiling curtains are especially popular. Someone thinks that it is very boring and it is impossible to create an exquisite interior with such a cornice. However, this opinion is erroneous. With the help of such fasteners for curtains, you can visually enlarge the ceilings in a small room and turn the textile decoration of the house into a real work of art. Therefore, when choosing ceiling curtains for your room, you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of this piece of furniture in order to skillfully use it in practice. That is what we will discuss in our article.

Instructions for the ceiling curtain

Before you go to the store for the eaves, you need to take measurements and decide on the material of the curtains. If you want the curtains to cover the entire wall, measure the distance from wall to wall, and it is better to make the length of the product a little less so that the cornice does not have to be cut during installation. If it is necessary that the curtains cover only the window, then it is better to purchase a cornice 30-50 cm larger than the width of the window.

When all the measurements are taken, we decide which cornice is better to choose? There are two types of them: aluminum (profile) and plastic. Plastic ceiling curtains are more popular. This is due to the fact that they are produced in various design options and in a wide range of colors. After all, plastic itself is perfectly processable and is able to take the most amazing forms. With the help of rounded ceiling curtains, you can easily create designs of complex and interesting shapes by carefully bending the edges of the curtains.

At a price, plastic cornices are much cheaper than metal counterparts. Therefore, you can easily choose for yourself an inexpensive and very interesting model that can be openly mounted to the ceiling or hidden behind a luxurious baguette, ceiling plinth or stretch ceiling.

As for aluminum ceiling curtains, it should be noted that this is a fairly strong and durable construction that embodies all the fantasy of interior creativity. Such cornices can be outlined, as the seasoned style of the room requires, and even pasted over with a special film. Due to its plasticity, aluminum cornices can be given any shape, which allows you to make the interior even more original.

It is imperative to choose a cornice taking into account the fabrics that will hang on it. Naturally, if you want to decorate the window with tulle, curtains and, in addition, with an original lambrequin, then a three- or four-tiered aluminum ceiling curtain will help. If you just need to hang a tulle, then a plastic cornice with one track will be enough.

Installing the ceiling curtain according to the instructions is very quick and easy. First, it is necessary to make markings on a prepared flat surface with a pencil for further fastening of the brackets. Then mark the center of the curtain and, at the same distance from it, assign places for fixing the cornice with self-tapping screws along the entire length. After that, holes are drilled on all tracks of the curtain, in accordance with the markings on the ceiling. Now you can attach the ceiling curtain itself, rounded parts, plugs and hooks, and finally move on to the most important thing — hanging curtains.

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