Carpets in the interior of the living room

Carpets in the interior of the living room

Let’s ask ourselves: is it possible to make the atmosphere of the reception room cozy without using textile flooring? Undoubtedly, this is possible, but it is the carpets in the interior of the living room that give the entire room that softness, warmth and comfort that no other finishing material will repeat. but also fit into the existing design. Actually it’s not difficult.

Long gone are the days when carpets not only covered the floors, but also adorned the walls. Modern fashion trends dictate a very careful use of this type of decoration. If there is a desire to zone the room with stylish carpets in the living room, then it is better to use the designer’s advice.

What carpet to choose in the living room?

First you need to decide on the size of this product, since it has its own norms and requirements. The most ideal option would be a small carpet, spread out near the sofa or under the coffee table. However, the habit of carpeting the entire floor does not leave the minds of our people. In this case, it is better to choose a rectangular or square version of the product, the edges of which will be left 20-30 cm free from the wall around the entire perimeter. A visible strip of parquet or laminate will add some zest, creating a natural edging.

The form of carpets in the interior of the living room

A little style and charm will give the room a round carpet, laid in the middle. This flooring option would be even more appropriate if there is round furniture or a large rounded chandelier in the setting.

An oval carpet on the floor in the living room will help visually highlight one or another piece of furniture, such as a coffee table or sofa. Its size should be larger than average so that the product is not lost among the rest of the situation.

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