Bedroom zoning

Bedroom zoning

Zoning is one of the techniques that is quite often resorted to when it is necessary to highlight semantic zones in a somewhat limited space. For example, zoning a bedroom is necessary if it is necessary to allocate a working or children’s area with a baby crib.

Bedroom Zoning Ideas

The easiest and most affordable way to clearly highlight the semantic boundaries in the bedroom is to zone it with wallpaper. You can use wallpaper different in texture, but suitable in color. You can, on the contrary, play on color contrast. This technique is especially suitable for zoning a narrow bedroom — visually, the room will expand somewhat if the sleeping area is decorated in light and light colors, and any other is decorated in a bright, but not dark color.

Another no less simple, but quite effective way that can be recommended for zoning a bedroom is to separate it with curtains. The technique of using textiles for zoning space is very suitable for a small bedroom. Hang a canopy over the bed and you will be separated from the whole world.

If the bedroom is a fairly spacious room, then it can be recommended to equip, for example, partitions for zoning the working area and the bedroom itself. These can be wooden shelving that can be viewed from both sides, where you can conveniently place books or documents, and a glass block partition will create a more enclosed space, but at the same time will not make the selected area too deaf.

Zoning a bedroom in a one-room apartment

If the height of the room allows, the sleeping area in a one-room apartment can be effectively and efficiently highlighted by arranging a kind of podium. He (podium), besides, can serve as a place to store things. Zoning can also be done using a regular sofa. In this case, its soft part will serve as a sleeping area, and the back side, which can be arranged in the form of a low rack, will designate the living area.

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