Bedroom in turquoise tones

Bedroom in turquoise tones

Turquoise is traditionally associated with the sea, freshness and relaxation. That is why it is often used in bedroom decor. Thus, the room contributes to a good rest and peace, and its atmosphere becomes relaxed and pleasant. So, how to decorate a bedroom in turquoise colors and what color combinations will be the most advantageous? More on that below.

Turquoise color in the interior of the bedroom

Decorators often use turquoise shades that can be saturated or slightly washed out. What color to choose for the bedroom? If you are decorating a bedroom, a child, then it is better to dwell on light, unobtrusive shades. Mint, aquamarine, pang — these shades promote relaxation, but do not contribute to drowsiness. Intense turquoise is more suitable for an adult room. It will add visual space to the interior and charge people with energy and good mood. The main thing is to dilute the rich color with straw and wood shades and correctly place accents.

Turquoise Bedroom Design

The classic turquoise color is very bright and intense, so it is often used as an accent in the interior. Sea-green pillows and bedspreads, blue-green curtains, dark turquoise vases and photo frames — all this will enliven a monotonous interior and add dynamics and originality to it. If you want to use color more actively, you can reflect it on the walls. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Highlight one wall. As a rule, this is a wall above the headboard. Decorate it with bright wallpapers that will draw attention to the bed and emphasize the modernity of the interior. It is advisable to paste over the remaining walls with blue, white or beige wallpaper.
  2. Paste the walls with the same wallpaper. In this case, it is better to use soft pastel colors. They will not irritate the eye and make the interior more romantic.

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