Bedroom in modern style


Bedroom in modern style

Undoubtedly, the statement that the modern interior is too boring and only young people prefer it will be erroneous. Only conservatives and people who are little familiar with this issue say so. They are boxed in and build their beliefs about an unfamiliar topic based on just a couple of bad examples. In fact, the design of the bedroom in a modern style has a lot in common with Japanese culture, where the functionality and rationality of the environment are in the foreground. Any, even tiny details, are of great importance here, and at the same time their total number tends to a minimum. Here we describe some interesting options that may suit readers who are equipping a new home or who want to do a grand renovation soon.

Bedroom in modern classic style

We will try to characterize modern classics in accessible words. This direction is the golden mean between traditional trends and new trendy trends in design. This means that such an interior is suitable for a person who does not want to overload the atmosphere with overly extravagant details, but who is already tired of pure classics. In such a bedroom, warm sandy or cream shades, ivory, and cocoa mostly reign. Interspersed details of coffee, chocolate or gray are allowed. It is better not to use colorful accents. Try to make everything look restrained and even noble.

Antique bedroom furniture that uses a modern classic style is not necessary to buy, but if you have an old chest of drawers, then it can be used as the main character of this design production. If there is a niche, then it would be nice to frame it with decorative semi-columns. In the bedroom it is better to use beds with high headboards. If you prefer modern forms of furniture, then it is better to try to at least partially observe the style of the room. Lighting devices should be chosen with taste so that they have a beautiful decorative shape.

High-tech bedroom

A white bedroom is common in this modern style. The fact is that pure colors are mainly used here — white, gray, black. The remaining shades (red, yellow, green and others) are used only as a supplement. When decorating a room, refrain from applying drawings, colorful patterns to the walls. The main materials in this style are metal, glass, plastic, but brickwork is allowed, and artificial stone is used to decorate the interior.

Ordinary vinyl or paper wallpapers are not suitable for high-tech style; it is best to paint the walls. You can not attach carpets or other decorations to the walls, you should limit yourself to abstract painting. Blinds are installed on the windows, if you buy curtains, then only plain and not dense. For the living room and bedroom in a modern high-tech style, it is advisable to buy upholstered furniture with plain upholstery. Bulky cabinets can, if possible, be replaced with open shelves or stylish shelving.

Loft style bedroom

Alas, a small bedroom in a modern loft style will look unnatural. This direction requires a lot of space! For this interesting style, studio rooms are suitable, in which one part is reserved for cooking, and the other is used as a bedroom. Only bathrooms and utility rooms need to be completely isolated. We separate the recreation area with opaque partitions, and then we begin to equip it. Often here you can find exposed brickwork, but it is better that some of the walls are plastered and painted in light colors. In the center of our bedroom, decorated in a modern loft style, we install a wooden or metal bed. Bedside tables and wardrobes are also useful here. In this environment, minimalist furniture design is welcomed.


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