Bedroom design — wallpaper


Bedroom design - wallpaper

The bedroom is perhaps the most intimate and secluded place in the house. Here we rest from the daily bustle, relax, get ready for bed and, finally, go to the realm of Morpheus. In total, the average person spends up to 1/3 of his life in this room. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the wallpaper when choosing a bedroom design, because they form the main color scheme of the room.

The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom

When choosing wallpaper, the preferences of the owners of the apartment or house play the main role, although other factors may also be taken into account. Traditionally, for this room, wallpapers of gentle, pastel colors are considered more successful: pink, blue, lilac, pale yellow. Such colors allow eyes that are tired during the day to rest without causing much tension. Psychologists and doctors evaluate the use of green wallpaper bedroom design very positively, as this color is very relaxing, allows the brain to rest and gives a sound sleep.

Particular attention should be paid to the shade of the wallpaper. A cold tone can make a person feel that the temperature in the room is a few degrees lower, while a warm tone is higher. Especially on the choice of shade, you should pay attention when purchasing lilac wallpaper for bedroom design, as this color can vary from cold lavender to warm iris.

However, some people may find such delicate colors boring. Then you can choose darker wallpapers for bedroom design, as well as colorful options. Colors can be anything, up to rich blue, red or purple, fortunately, modern stores offer the widest selection of various options. One has only to take into account that this color can get bored pretty quickly and the repair will have to be done again.

Trends in modern bedroom renovation

When choosing a wallpaper, it is not necessary to dwell on any one option. If you like 2 or even 3 patterns or shades close to each other, you can use them all together. The design of the walls in the bedroom with a combination of different wallpapers is one of the modern and most sought-after trends in the renovation industry. Usually two types of wallpaper are chosen: the first, brighter or with a pattern, one wall is pasted over, for example, at the head of the bed, and the other, in a more delicate shade or a different color, all the other walls in the bedroom. The result is a modern, unusual, bright renovation, which, nevertheless, will not be too annoying. This wallpaper design option will look good even in a small bedroom.

Another fashion trend is the use of monochrome colors. Bedroom design with white, black or gray wallpaper is a bold and unusual move. However, if you are afraid that such a bedroom will not look cozy enough, you can choose intermediate options: for example, combine gray with delicate pastel colors or choose black and white striped wallpaper for one wall, while leaving the others plain.

Finally, the trend is also the use of a variety of new developments in the repair. For example, a bedroom design with liquid wallpaper. They are just appearing on the market, so the cost of such a finish will be quite high, however, a room with such wallpaper can not be re-repaired much more time than a bedroom covered with paper-based wallpaper.

Bedroom design with 3D wallpaper is also a modern and fashionable trend. The variety of colors and patterns of such wallpapers will allow you to create a unique and unlike anything else design for the bedroom. However, it is worth considering its size, since too large drawings are not suitable for a small bedroom, they will visually make it even smaller.


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