Bathroom wall tiles


bathroom wall tiles

Wall tiles for the bathroom are one of the most optimal finishing materials, the benefits of which are not in dispute. Wall tiles have all the qualities necessary for a room in which there are frequent temperature changes, condensation on the walls, household chemicals and various other detergents are used.

The uniqueness of a tile as a finishing material lies in the fact that it allows for various design solutions, it can be used to decorate walls from ceiling to floor, or, having shown imagination, successfully combine it with other finishing materials. If wall tiles for the bathroom are only partially laid or two types of tiles are combined, then decor tiles, the so-called frieze, are used.

The choice of tiles for the interior of the bathroom

As before, imitation of natural materials looks very modern and stylish on the walls in the bathroom, therefore, as before, wood-like wall tiles remain fashionable. Imitation of natural wood texture will help create a cozy interior in country style, or make the bathroom look like a rustic bath.

Wood effect tile impresses with a wealth of choice, it can have the decor of the most exotic and valuable wood species, while outwardly it looks very respectable and expensive. The most popular colors of tiles imitating natural wood are beige, brown and black.

Recently, more and more often you can see a wooden bathtub in a city apartment or in a private house; tile imitating wood for wall decoration is the best fit for it.

Not all rooms can be decorated with wood effect tiles, they are perfectly combined with plain, for example, white wall tiles for the bathroom. Bathrooms, finished with white wall tiles, evoke mixed emotions. On the one hand, they look rather cold and resemble hospital or other public spaces. And on the other hand, in combination with gold or bronze fittings, with colored decor and original lighting, they can look luxurious, striking with splendor, or, conversely, they will enchant with the sophistication of simplicity and comfort.

A small-sized bathroom decorated in light, white colors will visually look more spacious, while it will be a great backdrop for any bright decor. Also, in a bathroom with white walls, colored plumbing will look original.

Bamboo wall tiles for the bathroom have a relief surface resembling a bamboo mat, it is suitable for wall decoration in the bathroom, people who love the exotic, who prefer Chinese motifs in the design of the room. Such tiles are produced mainly in warm beige and brown tones, less often in light green and light greens. Bamboo-style tiles can include panels with amazing landscapes and pagodas, then the room is imbued with the philosophical spirit of the East.

Mosaic wall tiles, used for wall decoration in the bathroom, are small squares from which a multi-colored pattern is formed. It is produced in two types: ceramic (similar to tiles, with a glazed finish) and glass (with a high content of smalt, more durable and expensive).

The use of mosaic tiles for wall decoration in the bathroom allows you to give the room more originality, creating magnificent patterns. Mosaic has all the qualities necessary for a room with high humidity, it does not suffer from the effects of detergents and cleaning chemicals, it is characterized by increased wear resistance and durability.


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