Bathroom Marble Tile

Bathroom Marble Tile

Bathroom marble tiles have been and remain one of the most sought-after options for decorating this room. The pattern, imitating natural stone, looks noble and is suitable for a room of any size.

Marble effect large bathroom tiles

If the dimensions of the room allow you not to worry about how not to narrow it or make it visually too low, then you can choose almost any design of marble-effect ceramic tiles for the bathroom, up to black options. A good solution is also the selection of companion designs, when the upper half of the room is decorated with tiles in a lighter shade, and the lower half — in a more saturated one, close to the color of the flooring. Such options can be found immediately together in the collections of many manufacturers or picked up independently.

Tiles for a small marbled bathroom

With the choice of marble tiles in the bathroom, some difficulties can arise. First, it is better to give preference to lighter shades: white, cream, blue, pink. At the same time, do not forget that all shades with yellowness or redness will give the room warmth and comfort, while blue, blue and green tones will make the bathroom fresher and cooler.

The contrast between the color scheme of the floor, walls and ceiling should be avoided — this is another method of visually increasing the space. Also, do not focus on the corners of the bathroom. Marbled tiles can have a glossy sheen, be semi-gloss or matte. For a small room, the first two options are better suited, since the play of light on the walls will further visually expand the room. A small bathroom with marbled tiles can also have different combinations of companion tiles, but in this case, you should choose shades that are not too contrasting with each other. 3-5 tones will be enough.

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