Avant-garde style

avant-garde style

The rebellious avant-garde style arose at the beginning of the 20th century — a period of turbulence for the then youth, in connection with global revolutionary sentiments. The rebellious spirit gave rise to upheavals in the foundations of art, and a contrasting game with form and color began, the creation of unnatural cosmic images, the denial of everything natural and natural. So forget about all the inviolable design rules, because in this article we will talk about the avant-garde.

Avant-garde style in architecture

Have you ever seen architectural creations, parts of which literally float in the air? Not? But the inhabitants of the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, have to watch them literally at every step, because Rotterdam is the most avant-garde city in Europe. A collection of most avant-garde art works is available for viewing at the Boijmans-van Beuningen Museum, where everyone can look at the works of Rubens, Rembrandt and Gogh’s brushes, but there is something to see on the simple Rotterdam streets, because this is a city of art.

It would seem that the avant-garde cannot reach the east with its strict foundations, but even here the architects made a revolution, which is easy to observe in the example of the Xinjin Zhi Museum of Religious Art.

If you thought that the avant-garde will not reach «our brother», then you were wrong. The architecture of the future in all its majesty is embodied in the building of the Skolkovo Management School in Moscow. Although the project was the work of an English architect, such a building is extremely pleasing to the eye.

(From left to right: a house in Rotterdam, a museum of religious art in China, a management school in Moscow).

Avant-garde style in the interior

We have already figured out that everything new and ultra-modern is the prerogative of the avant-garde, but how to find a place for this interesting style in a simple residential apartment and how to apply the avant-garde style in your interior?

Let’s start with the fact that the decoration of walls, floors and ceilings should include the most modern materials: mirror tiles, wallpaper of interesting texture and color, metal spraying, plastic and metal. Several walls, or even each of them, are painted in contrasting colors of any range you like.

Avant-garde furniture should also be made from the most modern materials or from contrasting woods combined with metal. It would be nice to include the latest technological advances in your interior: an LCD TV, a trendy game console, a good sound system.

By the way, this style is perfect for small apartments, because it welcomes the versatility of interior items, it’s great if the table or bed is built into the wall, and the shelves are in the niches between the steps of the stairs.

When choosing textiles for the home, try not to detail. For example, avant-garde style curtains should contrast in color with the walls, and the material should be simple but textured.

Avant-garde furniture

Avant-garde style furniture fully reflects the fans of this trend in art: it is original, full of energy and interesting details, but at the same time, restrained enough to perform the necessary functions.

The furniture itself can be of any shape: it is not surprising to find a sofa, one half of which will be square and the other half round, because playing with shape is what the whole avant-garde is based on.

If you are not a fan of asymmetry in furniture, then choose simple rectangular, square, or rounded shapes, this avant-garde also allows. Furniture with short legs, as mundane as possible to the floor, shapeless pouffes and sunbeds, hanging chairs and more will look spectacular.

As for furniture upholstery, here you can let your imagination run wild: any original, plain materials are quite suitable, the main thing is to avoid fine detailing. The avant-garde style in its furniture incarnation can be seen in the photo below.

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