Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau style

The art nouveau style (or art nouveau) is one of the branches of modernity, combining the wavy lines of nature, natural ornaments and oriental motifs. Art Nouveau undeservedly faded into the background against the background of Art Nouveau, so we decided to restore justice and give laurels to the original and interesting style, which will be discussed in the future.

Art Nouveau in architecture

For the first time in architecture, Art Nouveau began to be actively used from the end of the 19th century. Complex, sometimes amorphous buildings cut through the heavenly surface with folded roofs, and unusual mosaics created a panorama of color that painted the premises in all the colors of the rainbow. The basis of the Art Nouveau style in architecture is the creation of the concept of a single, harmonious and natural space: flowing lines, drop-shaped forms, rich forging from precious metals, colorful frescoes adorned the buildings of temples, churches, libraries, galleries and expensive hotels, some of which are shown in the images. below.

From left to right: Mirror Gallery at Versailles (France), Thomas Jefferson Building (Washington), Grand Hotel Ciudad de Mexico (Mexico City).

Art Nouveau in the interior

The Art Nouveau style has been actively used in the interior since the beginning of the 20th century, and to this day its popularity has not faded. The interior in Art Nouveau style does not tolerate straight lines and sharp corners: smooth and harmonious “flowing” of furniture, floral ornaments in upholstery, paintings and animal figures characterize this style as natural, aimed at unity with nature.

An aquarium or a fountain will perfectly complement the interior, since the main component of Art Nouveau is water. And the colors should be selected truly aquatic: silver and gold — imitating the brilliance of water in the sun, azure — the color of tropical water depths, as well as swampy dark brown and black. Decorate the walls with copies of paintings by Alphonse Mucha, the brightest artist who worked in this style, and the luxury of Art Nouveau will become the property of your home.

Art Nouveau furniture

Art Nouveau furniture should be exclusively natural, made of precious woods and decorated with intricate carvings. It is good to cover upholstered furniture with silk, which is naturally decorated with a natural motif. Embroidered pillows with tassels, wrought iron lamps and furniture fittings will also surprise your guests. A coffee table or sideboard can be decorated with glass mosaic, or pasted over glass with mosaic film. In general, create in the room the effect of the pristine purity of nature, untouched by man, and the «sun» of art nouveau will certainly illuminate your interior.

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