Wooden bedroom design — interior, furniture, natural wood finishes

Wooden bedrooms - features of stylish and modern design

A bedroom in any house or apartment is a very personal place. Therefore, its design should be considered especially carefully. Wooden bedrooms are especially popular today. Properly selected furniture, lamps, textiles will make this room stylish and cozy.

Bedroom design in a wooden house

Rooms in a wooden house are particularly environmentally friendly. The interior of a bedroom in a wooden house can be very different. Moreover, if there are several bedrooms in a room, then all of them can be decorated in different styles, which is quite acceptable for a country house. A particularly popular style for such a bedroom is a rustic country style with a wood-decorated ceiling and walls, floral or checkered textiles. The interior of the bedroom made of solid wood and in a modern style will look great.

small wooden bedroom

When decorating a small room, you can use some design tricks:

  1. Light shades will help to visually expand the space of a small wooden bedroom, while it is quite acceptable to use bright colors in the form of several accents.
  2. Wooden furniture for such a room should be simple and functional, and there should not be a lot of it in the room. For example, a convertible sofa can easily and quickly turn into a comfortable bed.
  3. A wooden bedroom in a one-story house should be located away from the kitchen and corridor. If your house consists of two floors, then it is better to equip the bedroom upstairs. Some people like to relax in a room with a sloping roof.

small wooden bedroom

Bedroom in a wooden attic

If the attic of your house allows you to equip a room there, then creating a bedroom in a wooden attic can be a great option. The layout of such a room will depend on the shape of the roof under which the bedroom is arranged:

  1. Shed attic — the simplest option for the bedroom, in which the bed is installed under the slope of the roof, and the closet or wardrobe is equipped along a flat wall.
  2. Gable attic. It is difficult to install a tall wardrobe in such a room, so wooden chests of drawers located around the perimeter of the bedroom will be an alternative to it.
  3. pitched roof has a lot of beams and ceilings, which can become a real highlight of the bedroom interior made of natural wood.

bedroom in a wooden attic

Wooden bedroom decoration

When designing a bedroom made of wood, you need to consider a number of features:

  1. Wood has a beautiful structure, so it is better not to cover it with other materials.
  2. The tree has natural shades, and brighter accents will look great against its background.
  3. A matte wood finish will emphasize its naturalness, but a glossy varnish will need regular updating of the coatings.
  4. Shades in the decor of the bedroom depend on which side the room is located on. Cold colors (pistachio, purple, blue) are suitable for the south, it is better to decorate the north bedroom with warm tones: beige, sand, yellow.

What kind of wood to decorate the bedroom?

Wood is one of the most popular finishing materials, characterized by durability, environmental friendliness and attractiveness. The texture of wood looks warm and harmonious, and painted in solid colors, it will go well with white, creating an impression of freshness and lightness in the bedroom. To decorate a bedroom made of wood, a variety of its species can be used:

  • Birch has an excellent antifungal and bactericidal effect;
  • pine has a light golden hue of wood and a pronounced pattern of age circles;
  • nut — this tree is solid, products from it may have a brown color with a gray or reddish tint;
  • alder — this type of wood has reddish wood, products made from it look aristocratic and elegant;
  • oak — its wood has a beautiful dark shade, and the cut has a fibrous structure.

The wood can be given an exotic look of pinkish rosewood, striped zebrano or dark wenge. It can be artificially aged, bleached or simply dyed. Moreover, it should be remembered that a tree in the interior of a bedroom with textured knots or eyes will look much more natural and original. When designing this room, you can use a combination of several natural shades of wood: cream, creamy, white.

what kind of wood to decorate the bedroom

Wood wall decoration in the bedroom

In an eco-style bedroom, a wall trimmed with wood will look great. Often a wooden wall in the bedroom is equipped at the head of the bed. For this, both budget wooden lining and elite decorative panels can be used. Such a wall covering can be decorated with paintings or sculptures. A dark wall looks like a particularly bold element in the interior of a bright bedroom.

wood wall decoration in the bedroom

Wooden ceiling in the bedroom

Wood can be used in interiors not only for floors and walls, but also for ceilings. At the same time, such a coating has a number of advantages compared to other types of ceiling finishes:

  • excellent heat and sound insulation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • the ability to hide electrical wiring and other communications under the finish;
  • beautiful appearance.

wooden ceiling in the bedroom

The ceiling in the bedroom made of wood can be made of clapboard, plywood, veneer, wood panels. Depending on the method of attaching the material to the surface, wooden ceilings can be suspended or hemmed. Ceiling wood can be painted or tinted, aged or bleached. A bedroom with wooden beams on the ceiling, the shade of which is repeated in pieces of furniture, will look stylish and original. A light wood ceiling can be perfectly combined with walls decorated with dark panels or covered with brick-like wallpaper.

wooden ceiling in the bedroom

Wooden bedroom furniture

Wooden furniture is made from solid wood or consists of veneered glued elements. Such models look solid and expensive. They are environmentally friendly and safe, hypoallergenic and do not emit harmful substances. When choosing solid wood bedroom furniture, listen to the advice of experts who recommend:

  1. For a small room, it is better to choose small-sized pieces of furniture that have light shades and are decorated with elegant decor.
  2. In a spacious room, you can use more saturated colors and shades in furniture.
  3. Wooden furniture should match the overall interior style of the bedroom. So, the classics are characterized by the use of dark pieces of furniture with carved elements and smooth curved lines. It is better to furnish a modern bedroom with compact and most necessary furniture.

Bedroom interior with wooden bed

The main piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. The whole interior of this room is formed around it. The sleeping place made of the massif is very reliable and durable. Wooden bed in the bedroom will decorate any interior:

  1. Minimalism, hi-tech, loft — modern bent solid wood products with built-in lights are suitable for these styles.
  2. Country — this design looks especially appropriate in a spacious country or country house. In such a bedroom, you can install a bed made of roughly sanded wood. The same can be the back of the sleeping bed, as well as the podium for it.
  3. Classic — a bed made of dark wood will perfectly fit into the respectable and cozy design of such a room.
  4. Provence and shabby chic — an elegant white or blue wooden bed with a carved headboard is suitable for such a bedroom.
  5. Mediterranean — this style is characterized by wooden beds, decorated with carvings, a canopy and a high frame.

bedroom interior with wooden bed

Wooden wardrobes for the bedroom

The bed is the main element of the bedroom, however, storage systems for clothes and bed linen are also indispensable. Many people prefer to install a wardrobe made of wood in the bedroom. It is roomy, practical, beautiful and, most importantly, you do not need free space to open it, because the doors in it simply move apart, so this cabinet is especially convenient for a small room.

Some owners want to purchase a wooden wardrobe with hinged doors for the bedroom, which can be one, two, three or even four. For a modern bedroom interior design, a built-in wardrobe is suitable, which can be custom-made according to your size and wishes. Such a model will not take up much space in the room, but it will be roomy and functional.

wooden wardrobes for bedroom

Wooden shelving in the bedroom

In addition to wardrobes in the bedroom, you can also put a wooden rack — a practical and convenient element of the interior. It looks like several shelves interconnected by vertical racks. There are models that have a back wall, and in the center they have a place for a TV. With the help of a high wooden shelving, you can zone a room or frame a window opening. In white solid wood bedrooms with niches, you can build in shelving, filled from top to bottom with shelves.

wooden shelving for bedroom

Wooden bedroom cabinets

A wooden bedroom in the style of Provence and country, classic and modern will look unfinished without bedside tables. In a spacious bedroom, you can buy roomy cabinets with numerous drawers, but in a small room it is better to install small models. Moreover, bedside tables should be approximately the same height as the bed, only then it will be convenient for a lying person to use them. In addition, the cabinet for the bedroom made of wood should be in perfect harmony with the rest of the decor of this room.

wooden bedroom cabinets

Chest of drawers in the bedroom — wood

A convenient and stylish storage system in the bedroom is a wooden chest of drawers. Its original natural texture will perfectly fit into the interior design of a spacious classic bedroom and a small rustic-style lounge. A chest of drawers made of wood will bring a feeling of comfort and warmth, and the facades of a bedroom made of wood will emphasize the individuality and style of the entire interior of this room.

chest of drawers in the bedroom made of wood

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