Wallpaper minimalism


Wallpaper minimalism

Among the numerous styles in the interior, minimalism occupies a special place. He has the following features:

  • maximum free space;
  • the number of colors and shades in the interior — no more than two;
  • only straight or smoothly curved lines (geometric shapes are preferred);
  • using the principle of zoning when planning rooms;
  • the use of natural materials (such as glass, metal, wood) in the decoration of the premises.

One of the most important nuances in interior design is the choice of wall coverings. If we talk about minimalism, then the wallpaper in such an interior should emphasize spatial freedom, the desire for infinity and, at the same time, the completeness and conciseness of forms. After all, minimalism is the style of radicals, people who are able to discard stereotypes and think creatively. In addition, minimalism very accurately reflects the modern rhythm of life — sometimes you really want to come home, discard the hustle and bustle of everyday work and plunge into the simplicity of everyday life. That is why, when starting repairs, you should carefully consider what wallpaper should be in your apartment in order to best match the chosen style.

The color of the wallpaper in the style of minimalism

As noted above, the minimalist style is characterized by a minimum number of colors in the interior. Actually, it can only be two colors, because three or more no longer correspond to this concept. Usually white, black or gray colors are used, but other natural shades are also in fashion today: coffee, milk, metal or wood.

The choice of wallpaper color always depends on the size and layout of your room. In small rooms, it is usually best to use light-colored wallpaper (white, light gray or pastel colors) to visually expand the walls and create an effect of depth. Minimalism does not welcome soft transitions between colors: play with contrast!

In more spacious rooms filled with natural light, you can vary various style techniques: for example, paste over the central wall opposite the window with dark wallpaper, and the rest of the walls with lighter ones. Or you can emphasize the contrast between the dark corners and the light space of the walls. However, you should not glue black wallpaper to emphasize minimalism in a small room: a dark corridor or a narrow kitchen.

The combination of milk and coffee shades looks original, as well as the use of panels made of natural materials in the interior. They will “dilute” the situation, saving the room from the impression of oppressive emptiness. Install some wood, metal, or glass panels along the walls, and use chests of drawers, coffee tables, and other furniture made from appropriate materials as furniture. Do not forget that the colors of the walls and furniture should be combined and even duplicated.

How to choose wallpaper for walls in the style of minimalism?

Furniture in a minimalist interior is present only vital. There is no place for bulky cabinets, so your walls will always be in sight. Based on this, try to choose wide wallpaper rolls (at least 1.65 cm) so that there are as few joints as possible. Paintable wallpaper 1 m wide is ideal, as well as various types of wallpaper with a textured surface. Remember that both types of wallpaper should be the same both in texture and quality: only the color is different.

If you want to buy wallpaper with a pattern, give preference to strict geometric shapes. Complex drawings with curved lines, as well as colored landscapes and photo wallpapers do not fit the minimalist style in the interior. Remember the main concept — simplicity — and make your apartment spacious, bright and cozy.


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