Wallpaper design for living room

Wallpaper design for living room

Today, wallpaper remains, as before, one of the most popular types of decoration for any room, including the living room. When choosing wallpaper for the living room, special attention should be paid to their color. After all, everyone knows that an incorrectly chosen color can visually distort the space, and staying in a room with such a design will not be very comfortable. Let’s take a look at what wallpaper design would be best for a living room.

Living room design with green wallpaper

The green color is the most pleasing to the human eye, it relaxes and calms, causes extremely positive emotions and is associated with bright grass, emerald foliage, forest. Green color is universal and can successfully complement absolutely any shade. In the interior of the living room, green wallpaper will look great in combination with various shades of this color. Unexpected and original will be the design of the living room with combined green-pink or green-blue wallpaper, which must be used in the correct proportions for this.

Living room design with yellow wallpaper

Warm yellow contributes to creating a joyful atmosphere in any room. It uplifts the mood, and is perfect for cheerful and active people. However, you should not paste over all the walls with yellow wallpaper. Yellow color will look more advantageous in combination with other shades. Best of all, yellow wallpaper will look in the living room, whose windows face north: such a room will become lighter and warmer. The combination of yellow wallpaper with black decor elements will make your living room modern and a bit brutal. And the combination of green and yellow in the design of the walls will make the interior of the living room truly spring. Yellow wallpaper goes well with all shades of brown.

living room design with white wallpaper

White color visually enlarges any room, filling it with space and light. White wallpapers fit into absolutely all interior styles and are combined with all shades. In the living room, white wallpaper will be an excellent backdrop for furniture and various accessories. For example, black furniture in the living room or a carpet on the floor will contrast with white wallpaper. To smooth out this contrast, a brown laminate floor and sofa cushions of the same shade will help.

Living room design with black wallpaper

Solid black wallpaper in the interior is almost never used, as it looks rather gloomy. But black and white wallpapers are popular today and look very impressive. Black wallpapers with beige, gray, golden ornaments look great. However, the use of such wallpaper in the living room should be very dosed so that the situation in the room does not look intimidating. Black wallpaper is best for creating accents in modern living rooms.

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