Wall in the living room in a modern style


Wall in the living room in a modern style

Despite the fact that the living room is used to receive guests and gather the whole family together, it is often in this room that a large number of things necessary for a cozy and comfortable life are stored: clothes, dishes, books. This is especially true for small apartments, where the living room is at the same time a bedroom, an office, and a front dining room. That is why the walls in the living room in a modern style do not lose their popularity.

Characteristics of modern walls in an apartment

Modern walls in the living room organically combine beautiful appearance and great functionality. Their design design will fit perfectly into most of the modern styles. Such walls can become the highlight of the entire room, its color accent, if you choose a brightly designed model, or they can complement an already existing interior. If you prefer individuality in every detail, then a similar wall can be ordered from the master, who will take into account all your wishes for size, configuration and design.

Typically, these walls have several functional blocks that make it easy to distribute things. Most often, such blocks include: a place to store clothes (chest of drawers or a linen closet), a TV and stereo system stand, bookshelves or cabinets, open shelves for distributing decorative elements. Often the wall is also equipped with a special cabinet for storing dishes with glass doors.

If we talk about the shape of such walls, then three of them are mainly used. The simplest is a straight wall, when all the elements are sequentially placed along one wall. This is the best choice for a wall in a small living room in a modern style, as it visually hides the space minimally, and sometimes, if a large amount of glossy materials, metal and glass is used in the design, it can even visually expand it. The corner wall in the living room in a modern style is suitable for such interiors in which one corner remains free when arranging furniture. Such walls, of course, are designed for larger rooms, since in small ones the effect of hiding and cluttering up the space will be created, and the living room will seem even smaller. Finally, for the largest rooms in terms of area, you can choose a U-shaped wall, which completely occupies one wall and partially two adjacent to it. Such walls are the most spacious, they contain the most cabinets and shelves, but they fill almost the entire space of the room, leaving little room for other interior items. However, such walls can be in demand when it is necessary, for example, to accommodate an extensive library with a large number of books.

Modular walls in the living room in a modern style

Modular walls in the living room have been in the greatest demand lately. They appeared as an alternative to the bulky and clumsy Soviet-era walls that could be seen in every apartment. A distinctive feature of such walls is that they consist of separate modules that can be configured in an apartment in completely different ways. This is convenient because, firstly, you can purchase only those parts that you need and refuse cabinets with unnecessary functionality. Secondly, the location of such modules along the walls can be arbitrary, it can be influenced by the location of the door and window, as well as the personal design preferences of the apartment owners. Usually, modular structures consist of floor cabinets and shelves and hanging elements, therefore, when purchasing a similar wall for the living room, you need to immediately calculate how the shelves and cabinets will be attached to the wall, and whether you need such hanging structures.


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