Vintage style in the interior

Vintage style in the interior

Interestingly, the roots of the name of this style must be sought in winemaking. The term «vintage» among the representatives of this profession means excellent aging of wine. That is why things that were popular with the previous generation are used here in the interior, their age should be approximately within 30-60 years. Very old artifacts are already the lot of more ancient historical styles. But the furniture of the 20-30s of the last century fits the vintage setting perfectly. At that time, fashionable novelties made of synthetics were just beginning to appear, and most things consisted exclusively of eco-friendly wood or metal.

Vintage interior design options

  1. Vintage living room interior. In other styles, various cracks or bumps are considered as marriage, but here they even add a little charm. By the way, if you cannot find antique furniture for the living room, then you can age the existing things, of course, if they, outwardly, are suitable for this situation. The presence of beautiful stucco is welcome, which is easy to decorate ceilings and walls. It is better to use parquet as a floor covering, it will have a more aesthetic appearance than worn old boards. Vintage wallpaper in the interior should have floral motifs, with the image of intertwined branches, birds, butterflies. It is used as a small drawing on the Japanese theme, as well as large contrasting patterns. To decorate the living room, an old wardrobe or chest of drawers, a small coffee table with carved legs are suitable. Textiles can have a floral ornament, and pillows, openwork napkins, and floor vases will complement the interior. Cover the lamp with a stylish fringed lampshade.
  2. Vintage kitchen interior. The main thing in this room is to combine new technology with antique furnishings. Wallpaper or wall painting should be bright and cheerful. Polka-dot, flower, stripe or square patterns are not bad for walls. They will look primitive, but they should look fun and funny. In general, simplicity in this setting is only welcome. On the floor here you can lay a large two-color tile, laid out in a checkerboard pattern. If you still prefer linoleum, then it is better to look for material with geometric patterns. It is good to pick up here some vintage items that will emphasize this style of interior — an old refrigerator with round shapes or artificially aged kitchen furniture.
  3. Bedroom in vintage style. If you have the opportunity to purchase a bed with a metal back and a wrought iron chandelier, then this will be a good set for this room. In this style, canopies with tassels are sometimes used, so lovers of such things can safely decorate their bed with such decor. But this can be done only if the bedroom is large, otherwise there is a risk of overloading the interior. Candlesticks, porcelain dolls, a mirror in a wooden frame, a plaid, a patchwork quilt and other vintage-style items will complement the decor.

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