Stretch ceilings in the children’s room for a boy, a girl

Stretch ceilings in the nursery - bright ideas for creating a fabulous interior

Different materials can be used to finish the ceiling. In recent years, at the peak of popularity are stretch ceilings in the nursery, when choosing which you need to take into account many factors: the age of the child, his interests, the illumination of the room, and so on. There are several options for paintings with their own characteristics.

Are stretch ceilings in the nursery harmful?

There is a lot of controversy about the effect of such a finish on the human body, but in fact a lot of information is untrue. If you are interested in whether a stretch ceiling in a children’s bedroom is harmful, then you should know that only low-quality products and without certificates are dangerous. When choosing a finish for a nursery, you do not need to save money and it is better to purchase finishing material in proven places where products meet international standards. The best choice for a child is fabric sheets that repel dust, are hypoallergenic and do not interfere with the movement of air.

Stretch ceilings in the children’s room have the following advantages:

  • attractive appearance;
  • a wide variety of design styles;
  • you can create multi-level surfaces;
  • good sound and heat insulation properties;
  • do not have an unpleasant odor;
  • are safe for health;
  • resist the formation of mold;
  • easy to mount.

Variants of stretch ceilings in the nursery

If a few years ago the range of stretch ceilings was scarce, today you can find different options:

  1. In order not to install combined and two-level ceilings, you can use two-color single-level options. They consist of several soldered PVC sheets. Thanks to this, zoning can be carried out.
  2. options for stretch ceilings in the nursery

  3. The original solution is carved stretch ceilings in the children’s room, which are a novelty. Cloths of different colors are located on two levels and holes are made in the lower one, for example, in the form of small flowers or clouds. Impressive results can be obtained by applying different textures, for example, the bottom film can be matte, and the top one can be glossy. When using cut-out technology, you can create shapes that are not available with drywall and other materials.
  4. options for stretch ceilings in the nursery

  5. “Soaring” stretch ceilings in the children’s room look great, which creates the effect that the ceiling surface does not touch the walls, since it is separated around the entire perimeter by lighting. This is possible when using an aluminum profile, in the chute of which the LED strip is placed and closed from above with a translucent carbon profile. There are different color options and backlight power. If desired, you can install such devices so that the child can use the remote control to control the light and change the color of the backlight.
  6. options for stretch ceilings in the nursery

  7. Another unusual option for a child’s room is a partially luminous ceiling. For this, a translucent PVC film is used in conjunction with LED strips, which are glued to the upper level of the ceiling. This technique can be used to design the entire surface or only part of it. It is important that there is a small distance between the light source and the canvas to ensure uniform illumination. With the help of the remote control, it will be possible to adjust the lighting.
  8. options for stretch ceilings in the nursery

  9. Using unique technologies, you can create a three-dimensional 3D ceiling. Thanks to this, you can get a fantastic interior. For decoration, the main theme is selected and from here the ceiling is already being developed. For example, when choosing a nautical style, you can organize the sail of a ship or create a window with a landscape, and so on.
  10. options for stretch ceilings in the nursery

Two-level stretch ceilings in the children’s room

For children, two-level ceilings are an excellent option, since in such rooms there are certain areas to relax, have fun, learn, and so on. In the nursery, two-level stretch ceilings are used for zoning the room. To carry out the work, a drywall box is first created, which can have different shapes, and then a canvas is stretched on the unused part of the ceiling and it can be with a pattern, a contrasting color, and so on. With the help of different combinations, you can get original options.

two-level stretch ceilings in the children's room

Glossy stretch ceiling in the nursery

This version of the ceiling looks elegant and, if desired, you can choose almost any color of the canvas among the presented assortment. It is important when developing a design to skillfully combine a glossy surface with other finishing materials, decor and lighting. A glossy stretch ceiling in a children’s bedroom will visually enlarge the space, as it is able to reflect up to 95% of the light. The rolls have a width of 2 m, so if necessary, you will have to weld the sheets together.

glossy stretch ceiling in the nursery

Matte stretch ceiling in the nursery

This option is considered a classic, and it looks like a regular plasterboard or painted ceiling, but only an important nuance — the surface will be perfectly flat. The design of a children’s room with a stretch ceiling will be cozy, warm and comfortable. Another important point is that matte canvases can be painted, photographed, painted and airbrushed. In addition, there are options with a variety of textures, for example, imitating velvet. A matte ceiling is affordable, but you can’t make diffused lighting on it.

matte stretch ceiling in the nursery

Fabric children’s stretch ceilings

The canvas is a synthetic material soaked with a polymer composition to increase strength. It has many microscopic pores that do not resist air circulation. There are different ideas for stretch ceilings for a nursery with and without a pattern, which is important for creating the perfect design. The main advantages of fabric finishing:

  1. The installation of a stretch ceiling is very simple, since there is no need to use guns for heating. The work consists in installing a baguette around the perimeter and stretching the canvas.
  2. For standard rooms, a seamless stretch ceiling in the nursery is suitable.
  3. It is not necessary to carry out alignment procedures, since the canvas will create a perfectly flat surface. In addition, the fabric will not sag, because it does not stretch.
  4. It has good resistance to temperature extremes and mechanical stress.
  5. It has good sound and heat insulation, and the material is also environmentally friendly.

fabric children's stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling «Clouds» for a children’s room

A universal option suitable for different design designs is the Clouds print. On stretch canvases, you can recreate the daytime sky with and without the sun. Beautiful stretch ceilings in the nursery stylized as the sky are light, joyful and airy. A significant advantage of this option is that in small rooms such a print will visually enlarge the space and create space for the imagination to fly.

stretch ceiling clouds for children's room

Stretch ceilings in the nursery «Starry sky»

Ceilings that create the effect of a starry sky are very popular. The canvas can depict stars and the moon, but a more interesting option involves the use of optical fiber, which is connected to a light source. They are attached from the inside and brought out. Children’s stretch ceiling «Sky» during the day is no different from the usual options, but at night each thread glows beautifully and creates the effect of a starry sky. If you wish, you can repeat the constellations on the ceiling with such threads.

stretch ceilings in the children's starry sky

Stretch ceilings with photo printing in the children’s room

A great idea for a nursery is bright photos on the ceiling and this option is suitable for different ages. Little kids will enjoy the image of cartoon characters, for those who are older you can choose — forest, space, airplane, butterflies and so on. The stretch ceiling with children’s drawings made in 3D technology looks original and very beautiful, which add zest to the room. Popular image options: bridges, rooftops, comets, flowers, and so on. Some companies provide services for printing unique drawings of their own design on canvases.

stretch ceilings with photo printing in the children's room

How to choose stretch ceilings for a nursery?

When buying, you need to pay attention to hobbies, gender and age of the child.

  1. Age up to 7 years. The child begins to learn the world in the game, so the design of the room should serve to encourage the interests of the baby. You can buy canvases with fairy tale characters and other funny stories.
  2. Age from 8 to 12 years. The design of stretch ceilings in the nursery can be decorated in the style of space, wildlife and different landscapes.
  3. Age from 13 to 17 years. At this age, it is better to choose a discreet design with patterns to relieve eye strain. It is worth considering the preferences of the child.

In order not to have to change the stretch ceilings in the nursery, you can choose a universal stretch ceiling, that is, one-color without a print.

  1. If the child is active, then buy canvases of delicate colors that will soothe, for example, pale blue, pink, green, and so on.
  2. To avoid the appearance of headaches and not irritate the child, psychologists do not recommend using bright ones, or at least use them for small areas.
  3. When choosing a primary color, it is recommended to focus on neutral light shades.
  4. If you carry out zoning, then for the working area where the child will learn lessons, stretch ceilings in the nursery of yellow are suitable, because it improves brain activity.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery for a boy

When choosing a ceiling option for decorating a room for a boy, it is recommended to take into account his hobbies. If you buy plain canvases, then you should pay attention to light blue, green, purple and pastel shades. Often, stretch ceilings in a boy’s nursery are designed in a minimalist style, but you can choose different patterns, for example, dinosaurs, cars, knights, different sports and cartoon characters.

stretch ceiling in the nursery for a boy

Stretch ceilings in the nursery for girls

Traditionally, girls’ rooms are decorated in delicate pink tones, creating a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. The most popular colors of stretch ceilings in the nursery for the fair sex are pink, peach, lilac, pale blue and pastel shades. You can use several colors that will intertwine with each other. Do not forget about the numerous photo printing options: the sky, beautiful flowers, favorite cartoon characters, and so on.

stretch ceilings in the nursery for girls

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