Soft corner for the living room

Soft corner for the living room

Soft corner — this is such a versatile, practical and comfortable furniture that will find its place in any room of the house. However, soft corners for the hall are the most common. This is not surprising, because it is here that it is customary to receive guests and spend family leisure time, which means you cannot do without comfortable and roomy furniture. In addition, such an interior element as a soft corner looks quite beautiful and can become a necessary accent for decorating a living room.

How to choose a soft seating area?

When choosing upholstered furniture for the hall, it is important to know what its main functional purpose will be. After all, there are folding and non-folding options. Accordingly, three main types of soft corners can be distinguished. Firstly, these are sofas that will be used daily for sleeping. In this case, it is necessary to have a convenient and reliable mechanism for transforming the corner into a full-fledged sleeping place. The most convenient and reliable of them are Eurobook, Dolphin and Accordion. Secondly, there are soft corners that include sofas, which are equipped with a folding mechanism, but the sleeping place is not very comfortable. This is furniture designed to receive rare guests, it will be uncomfortable to sleep on it every day. In such corners, such a transformation option as the “French folding bed” is most often used. And, thirdly, it is quite possible to purchase a soft corner, which will not have a transforming design at all. It is installed in those living rooms where they will definitely not leave guests for the night. This is a comfortable sofa for gatherings with friends and pleasant pastime in front of the TV or with a book in hand.

Before buying such upholstered furniture as a corner, you need to decide what size it should be, where it will stand and what style it should match. First of all, you need to make the correct measurement of the entire room and the corner where the furniture will be located. Currently, almost all furniture is modular, so it is worthwhile to determine in advance the main modules and sections that should be present in the product. For example, in the living room, a folding table would be very appropriate, at which it will be convenient to drink tea or coffee.

The style and color scheme of soft seating areas

Corner furniture will fit well into any style of the room, the main thing is that it does not stand out from its general design. For example, in minimalism, a soft corner can give the interior a finished look. A light, discreet sofa would be appropriate here.

For a high-tech style, a soft corner in dark colors against the backdrop of a light room is better suited. Of course, for such a living room it is better to choose a sofa that has elements that match the general style: metal legs, a laconic print on the upholstery, glass elements in the body.

A good soft corner will fit into the living room, made in Art Nouveau style. For this option, a bright sofa with decorative pillows of different colors is suitable. It will be the main focus in the hall.

And, of course, soft corners are simply created for living rooms, the interior of which is decorated in a classic style. Both fabric and leather sofas in muted, discreet colors are suitable here. Such decorative elements as bent legs, carved armrests will look good.

In general, a soft corner can be chosen to match the color scheme of the living room, or you can play in contrasts. It is important to remember that contrasting colors should also be in harmony with each other. You need to use both fantasy and a sense of taste in equal measure, and then a soft seating area will become the main decoration of this room.

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