Sofas for the living room with a berth

Sofas for the living room with a berth

Sofas with a folding mechanism can easily be turned into a sleeping place, while in the assembled state they do not take up extra space in the room, which is very convenient for saving space. Such a sofa with a berth for a small living room is quite relevant, especially if it is equipped with a laundry box.

Various models of sofas for the living room

In spacious living rooms, a corner sofa with a sleeper is the best option, it looks the most luxurious and has several different functions. Such sofas are equipped with folding tables, shelves on which you can place books or various knick-knacks that make up decor items. Sometimes in the design of such a sofa there is even a mini-bar. You need to choose a sofa very carefully, in the interior of the living room it plays a significant role.

Along with modern architecture in the construction of residential buildings, a new style of upholstered furniture came into our life. These are bay window sofas for a living room with a berth, which are made to order, taking into account the layout of the room. The layout of the apartment with a bay window is very beautiful, but creates some problems when choosing upholstered furniture. Bay window sofas are non-standard, they most often do not have rectangular shapes, all this is easy to take into account when making furniture according to an individual project.

Narrow sofas for a living room with a berth are still relevant, they are indispensable for small apartments. Such a sofa can be folding, this will increase the bed at night. Narrow sofas with a berth do not always fold out, but this does not make them less comfortable when it comes to using them by one person. Sofas that are not equipped with a folding mechanism, as a rule, have a higher seat, which is more convenient to use, and are also equipped with a box for linen.

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