Shabby chic room


Shabby chic room

British Rachel Ashwell, who stood at the origins of this style, wanted to return to the interior of the old traditional things that were used by the previous generation, contrary to the fashion for minimalism. Suddenly it turned out that she had a lot of fans who also adored the antique design. Many people were tired of contrasting colors, aggressive lines, lifeless plastic and cold metal surfaces, and they were delighted with the ideology of «shabby chic» bringing the owners back to the cute English countryside.

Shabby chic design

  1. Shabby chic finish. It is best to use original old or new, but artificially aged materials in this style. For example, look for wallpapers that can mimic the texture of peeling or faded paint. A small, by no means contrasting pattern is welcome here, in the form of some flowers, angels, climbing plants. In living quarters, lay wooden “worn” floors, and in the kitchen or bathroom, use tiles, it is possible with small chips and an “antique” design. The ceiling should have a color not pure white, but as if a little burnt out from time to time, it is still good to decorate it with gilded stucco.
  2. Interior items shabby chic. For this situation, furniture is suitable, both expensive antique and simple, but solid, albeit a little shabby with time, having a vintage look. These are the same items that are used in country or Provence style — grandmother’s chests of drawers, sofas, sets with many drawers, rocking chairs. It is best that these things be made from wood, although high-quality imitation is allowed as an exception. A shabby chic room can be furnished with things that belong to a different classical style, using antique beds or wardrobes in the setting, which have an art deco, empire, baroque design. On its worn facades, the lower layers should show through, which are a sign of advanced age.
  3. Shabby chic accessories. The older generation still remembers how the cozy house of their grandmothers looked in reality. Home-made knitted napkins, colored pillows with ruffles, beautiful bedspreads, tablecloths gave a special charm to such an interior. A room for a shabby chic girl will also look uncomfortable if these charming things are not presented in it. Look at the sale for cuckoo clocks, old rotary telephones, worn-out framed paintings. It is the little things that will enhance the feeling of comfort, which is famous for the design of the house in the shabby chic style.


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