Shabby chic bedroom


Bedroom in shabby chic style - how to recreate a unique interior?

An unusual shabby chic bedroom will appeal to romantics, sensual natures and dreamers, lovers of home comfort and elegance. This design embodies the best that could be taken in modern trends and old traditions.

What is shabby chic?

The name «shabby» (shabby, shabby) gives some idea of ​​​​this style of interior. Its notable features are vintage furnishings with typical scuffs, scratches, other signs of wear, and antique or aged pieces — figurines, paintings, mirrors, sconces, black and white photographs, lush lace, fabrics, vases and chandeliers from past centuries.

Shabby chic is an abundance of pastel, delicate colors in design. The presence of pink and beige colors in a wide tint palette is mandatory. Inclusions of other colors are allowed — light green, blue, ivory. The overall color scheme should give the impression of sun-bleached tones. There are a lot of textiles in the design of the room — bedspreads, pillows, covers for armchairs and chairs.

Shabby chic bedroom design

A romantic shabby chic bedroom is an island of comfort and bliss: a comfortable and large bed, delicate fabrics with ruffles and floral prints, wear that is reflected in the decor and furniture. Each detail of the interior must be carefully selected so that it is artsy, comfortable and attractive at the same time, fills the room with romanticism, and things that are dear to the heart evoke warm feelings.

Shabby chic wallpaper

The shabby chic room is decorated in muted pastel colors. Delicate, creamy shades, pale blue, pale pink, green, ivory, white and other faded palette are suitable for wall decoration. Shabby chic wallpaper is a combination of romanticism, vintage and floral ornaments. They welcome drawings with flowers — large buds of roses, peonies, there are many of them, and it seems that you can hear a delicate aroma. Angels, birds on branches — these drawings are also found in this design.

Beautiful patterns in a shabby chic bedroom can stand out on an accent wall, standing out brightly against the background of monochrome other surfaces. The use of old-style photo wallpapers is relevant — rural landscapes, cherubs, mills, ancient castles. Wallpaper is combined with stucco, cornices, borders, panels, columns, gables, rosettes on the ceiling — they create decorative accents and highlight different areas in the bedroom.

shabby chic wallpaper

Shabby chic curtains

When decorating a window, the naturalness of fabrics and the abundance of ruffles, draperies, and cascading folds are welcomed. The predominant colors for bedroom curtains: pale pink, sand, lilac, blue, pearl, cream. The main tone is complemented by accents of lavender, turquoise, pink, coffee flowers. Curtains should look washed out, as if faded in the sun. Soft and medium-sized prints are welcome:

  • floral;
  • pastoral;
  • cupids;
  • angels;
  • shepherdesses;
  • cage or stripe.

From fabrics cotton, flax, chintz, silk are used. Shabby chic curtains for the bedroom are selected in the following forms: classic on hinges, grommets, French, Austrian, «cafe» type, canvases with hooks. They are decorated with satin ribbons, threads of mother-of-pearl and pearls, artificial flowers. The main shades of curtains should be repeated in the design of pillows, covers, upholstery.

shabby chic curtains

Shabby chic carpet

Stylish carpets are matched to the ensemble of furniture; one or more floor coverings can be used in the bedroom. A shabby chic carpet is made of wool or silk, it is allowed to use products with a long pile, paths, rugs. When choosing, you can focus on the canvases that were laid on the floors of the grandmother. The coating should remind of its antiquity, that is, be with scuffs. Ornament may be floral. The accent in the interior of the bedroom will be a knitted carpet, it is made like an ordinary openwork napkin from a polyester cord and it turns out to be pleasant to the touch and wear-resistant.

shabby chic carpet

Paintings in shabby chic style

The shabby chic bedroom is replete with antiques, among which there are paintings. Canvases painted in oil or watercolor should be airy and light — lush bouquets of peonies and roses of milky, pink hues on a silvery background in a white or aged frame will look good in such a room. Thread embroidery, fabric paintings with floral patterns or birds look appropriate in the bedroom.

shabby chic paintings

Shabby chic decor

The shabby chic style in the interior of the bedroom requires the presence in the room of an old decor, antique elements, such as:

  • • boxes;
  • • mirrors;
  • • telephone sets;
  • • antique clock;
  • • age-old vases of different sizes and shapes;
  • • lamps;
  • • forged chandeliers;
  • • figurines in the form of children, angels, animals;
  • • vintage candlesticks;

A shabby chic bedroom attracts with an abundance of textiles; when decorating such a design, one cannot do without openwork tablecloths, lace napkins, fabric lampshades for floor lamps, sconces, lamps, furniture covers with ruffles and bows, compositions of satin artificial flowers. An abundance of detail should be present in everything, but requires stylistic and color uniformity.

shabby chic decor

Bed linen shabby chic

The bed is the centerpiece of the room. The sleeping set on it is a whole composition, a prominent place in it is occupied by pillows and bedspreads. Shabby chic bedding is made only from natural materials in delicate shades. For the design of monophonic textiles, elegant embroidery with cutwork elements is used, the decoration is done with light threads that blend harmoniously with the general background. The shabby chic style involves the use of popular motifs on fabrics — flowers, exquisite weaves of ornaments on the canvas.

The easiest choice of bedding is white or beige cotton with prints of bouquets of roses, peonies. Finishing may contain cords, tassels, frills, started along the edge. Volumetric applique, lace will enliven the bedroom and create a fashionable accent. The bedspread can be made using the patchwork technique from multiple patches, decorated with floral appliqués. The use of lace with thin fabric is popular, openwork multi-tiered frills are widely used, descending to the very floor along the edge of the bedspread.

shabby chic bedding

Shabby chic pillows

Decorative pillows in shabby chic style for the bedroom are a true decoration of the bed. Elegant, decorated with stitching, lace, frills, cutwork, they come in different shapes — square, round, oval, cylindrical. There should be plenty of pillows on the bed. Covers are made of plain materials, can be decorated with:

  • embroidery;
  • lace;
  • ruffles;
  • have a floral print.

An additional decor is voluminous flowers laid out of ribbons in the center of the pillow, combinations of openwork lace, beads. Covers, as well as bedspreads, can be made using the patchwork technique, when fabrics of different colors are combined with an overlapping print (for example, bouquets of roses). The pillow should have a romantic look, its coloring should echo the rest of the textiles in the room.

shabby chic pillows

Shabby chic furniture

The shabby chic bedroom is furnished with antique furniture with scuffs, wear and vintage elements. Often it is white, beige, painted, with high legs, when looking at the furnishings one gets the feeling that they have served more than one generation of owners. The shabby chic bed is the center piece in the bedroom. The ideal option is an elegant forged product with curls or a light-colored wooden carved back with a touch of antiquity (with peeling paint and chips). Often the bedroom is decorated with a translucent canopy in the form of light air curtains.

The rest of the bedroom furniture — a shabby chic wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside tables should have an old look: bent legs, slight wear, carved facades. It is allowed to use decorative elements in the form of decoupage, finishing with bronze, gold leaf. A must-have piece of shabby chic furniture for a romantic bedroom is an elegant dressing table with curved legs. The frame for the mirror above it should also be old — threads, cracks, crevices are only welcome.

shabby chic furniture


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