Seating set

Seating set

Once upon a time, the concept of «living room set» included standard pieces of furniture — a table with chairs, a sofa with chairs and the so-called wall. Today, due to the diversity in the furniture industry, such a set can be of very different configurations. It usually means a set of cabinet furniture, made in one style or another and intended for placement in living rooms.

Dining room set for the living room

When receiving guests in our house, we, of course, invite them to the table. It is this piece of furniture that is central in most living rooms. Properly choosing a table that matches the overall style of the room is not an easy task. It should be designed for a certain number of people, and if the room is small, it is quite possible to stop at the transformer table option. Headsets made of natural wood — wenge or oak, white living room sets, etc. are very popular today.

Seating set — walls and shelving

Modern storage systems have replaced traditional walls today. In particular, these are fashionable wardrobes, the ergonomic interior design of which helps to accommodate as many small and large things as possible. Light shelving is also in trend, the open shelves of which do not hide extra square meters, but, on the contrary, make the room visually more spacious.

However, many still honor traditions — and manufacturers still offer furniture walls for sale, but already made from a variety of high-quality materials. The set of such a wall usually includes a wardrobe, sections for TV and books, as well as a glassed-in showcase for crystal and crockery. Also buffets, sideboards, slides and bookcases are not uncommon today. These parts of the living room set can be made both in modern style and look like a real classic.

Soft sets for the living room

You can not do without upholstered furniture in the living room. It is she who allows you and your guests to feel as comfortable as possible. The modern furniture industry offers a diverse range of such pieces of furniture for living rooms — these are straight and corner sofas that can be folded and transformed, as well as all kinds of armchairs, ottomans, banquettes and poufs.

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